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Dragon Ball Z : Legacy of Goku is a remake of the Dragon Ball Z game for Gameboy Advance. This remake is for the Playstation3. Vegeta, Krillin, Gohan and Goku are playable. Vegeta is playable only on planet Namek. He can shoot lasers at Freeza's henchmen from a cliff. But if all of Vegeta's HP is knocked out by the henchmens lasers he will fall over. Then the screen will say game over and Freeza will say "Ha ha ha ha haa! Did you really think you could beat me?!!

Bulma is playable for two levels on Namek. In one level Bulma rides on her motorcycle and shoots lasers from her motorcycle at Freeza's henchmen. Goku can power up in the game and use the Kaioken attack.

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