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About 2 years after GT Goku became a SSJ5 and SSJ6 with Vegeta and Gohan. One day, Goten and Trunks were training. Both at SSJ3 " TRUE KAMEHAMEHAAAAAAAA " shouted Goten (SSJ3) "CRIMSON GALICK GUN" shouted Trunks,(SSJ3) Before there attacks could clash they reverted back to there base forms "what" they both said. "Lets go home" said Goten so they flew away .......

" COME ON COME ON" screeched Vegeta. Bulma finally came out of the master bed room wearing her outfit at the end of dragon ball z . Vegeta wearing what he wore during the buu saga and his hair grown back. When Bulma came out Vegeta kissed her and went out side ......

Later on everyone had gathered at the lookout. "Hey Vegeta lets fuse" said Goku. "Ok" said Vegeta . Then Goku and Vegeta began to power up to SSJ5. Their shirts disappeared, replaced by grey fur, there hair going grey and growing down there backs and there skin turning red. "FUSION HAAA" they said there was a blinding light and when it cleared stood ssj5 Gogeta. Suddenly Goten and Trunks powered up to SSJ4 "FUSION HAA" said Goten (SSJ4) and Trunks (SSJ4)

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