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After gochan became a lssj buma thought why is it that if he doesnt become a lssj he will be use less and he said to vegeta come at me with everything you got so vegeta did a galic gun buma struggled but he thought how useless he be if he cant become lssj so he transformed to a lssj vegta said he is stronger then gochan but goku said lets see then they began to battle there speed and power began to grow stronger each hit then goku thought that he should wish for a new chamber that will let any amount of people enter so his wish was granted but on the planet namek once again the dragon appeared then the elder started wondering so goku and the others enter gochan and buma were so excited that when they went on the floor they fell then broly went far away with future trunks then F trunks said that its exactly like the one on earth they began training they stared at with a smile for fighting then broly said hes been tired of holding his power back then he F trunks said same here but there training so they began to power up then broly turned into a lssj then F trunks said youll be suprised the others were just watching vegeta said lets seer what you have been training for then F trunks began power up he began to turn into a ssj ,ssj2 ssj3 ssj4,ssj5 then he said ill show you my real power then he became a lssj then gochan and buma powered up to lssj then goten and trunks began to turned into lssj krillin and his son decide to watch then vegeta and goku turned into a lssj then there battle began

Next Time : piccolo has returned to gohan

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