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listen before read thumb|300px|left Gohan andRohan stepped forward and begin powering up .When powering up a big shock waves bursted and he became a sms2 he became so powerful that he decided to not to transform to higher levels or it will blow up the earth . Next up as Gochan he began powering up his hair started flickering yellow and black also his eyes then his power was growing so strong that when he was about to turn into a LSS 3 Goku said stop or else he'll blow up the earth as well Goku said it goes for the others as well. Buma was next his power seemed equal to the other boys then it was the adults turn but before goku said lets take to a another planet were we wil all power up.IN the H.F.L the villains were wanting to get out but how then something hit Cell he thought that if he has Piccolos cell then he can create dragonballs so cell began talking to all villains saying he has a plan that will let them escape he told that he was piccolos cells and can create dragonballs so there plan began cell splited the weak from the strong and the strongest in private

The Plan has begun are the Z fighters ready for the evil that awaits them ( video is for the opening so ill be using that)

Chapter 12 : the battle begins

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