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Because i trained him at first he was thinking why would you train piccolo then gohan said let me show u why i had to train piccolo gohan started to power up to sms 3 goku and vegetas face were in a shock looking at gohans form then said why didnt piccolo show his real form gohan said because the time wasnt right then gohan asked what they were doing then goku explain everything then elder kai said so u sense it to. Goku said i did after the conversation gohan want to gather the group so he can train them but goku said let me train then and you help them boost there power so after i train them ill send them back you get them and train them so it happened goku and vegeta train them and them others went to gohan . Then tien and yamcha said they will train people of the earth and teach them how to use kai some didnt do it but little people did like chi chi bulma and videl

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