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(I'm not really done with this article yet. I'm still trying to come up with more ideas. If you don't know who Xu Jiao is look her up on wikipedia. She played the main character of CJ7.)

Dragonball evolution 2 is the real sequel to Dragonball evolution. It takes place in the Saiyans saga of Dragonball Z.

Justin Chatwin as Son Goku

Xu Jiao as Son Gohan

James Marsters as Piccolo

Kit Harrington as Vegeta

Jamie Chung as Chi-chi

Taylor Lautner as Raditz

Emmy Rossum as Bulma

Tom Kenny as King Kai


The movie and begins with a flashback of the last recap last movie, then shows you 10 years later. Two mysterious figures in the dark called Vegeta (Kit Harrington) and Raditz ([[Wikipedia:Taylor Lautner) are sent to destroy Earth which are followed by flashes of them killing Yamcha, Roshi and others which turns out to be a nightmare by Goku (Justin Chatwin). He is later reminded by his now wife Chi Chi [now is not the strang female fighter but a protective mother that blames Goku for their money problems] that he has to pick up their son Gohan from school to go the Reunion on his way to pick up his son. Goku also hears voices in his head, on Gohan's end of school he gets taunted by a bully similar to Goku's bullying in the previous film. Later Goku and Gohan make it to the Reunion at Roshi's house but is halted by Goku's brother Raditz who's terrorizing the city. Goku battles him and defeats him but is killed by exhuastion in the process. Piccolo who comes out of the shadows reveals his long awaited plan that he senses Gohan's great power and to capture Gohan and make him his apprentice. It is later reveled by a dying Raditz that his ellow henchmen Vegeta is coming to Earth and is 10 times as stronger than him, Goku later awakes on an island when he is visited by King Kai who brought him to his island to train with for the Saiyans. It then goes to Gohan who is ruffly awakened by Piccolo who is mistaken for Goku. It is then revealed that Gohan does not know anything about his father's great fighting skills or how to fight himself. Piccolo then gives Gohan what he calls inspiration to train, saying he will kill him and his mother if he doesn't. It then cuts to Chi Chi who is told by Yamcha that Goku is dead, and that Gohan is captured by Picollo. She then bursts into tears, crying for Gohan. It then cuts to Gohan and Goku both having a training montage getting ready for the Saiyans. Throughout that year, the rest of the Z fighters gather the Dragonballs and wish Goku back to life during training Goku starts to dissapear. Vegeta, who lands with Freezai on Earth, plans to take the dragonballs. Gohan is ready for the battle and stronger than Yamcha. And Yamcha, Piccolo, Roshi and Gohan try to hold Vegeta off. But Roshi dies in the process. Vegeta tries to kill Gohan with a ki blast, but Piccolo jumps in front of it with Piccolo dying breath he tells Gohan that he created the dragonballs and there was a planet full of dragonballs created by the Namekians and he can wish him back. In a blind rage Gohan fights Vegata fails to defeat him. Goku shows up right in time to save Gohan's life. Goku battles Vegeta and they are evenly matched. Vegeta decides to end the fight by turning into Ōzaru. He toys with Goku by breaking his bones. Yamcha barely manages to make him transform back into his normal form.Vegeta kills Yamcha.Then out of anger of his friends death and his father being beaten to a pulp,Gohan turns into Ōzaru. Right before Gohan is about to kill Vegeta, Goku stops and cnvinces him not to and Gohan transforms into his normal form. Vegeta crawls to his spacecraft. Chi Chi and Bulma land on the battlefield, Chi Chi is happy to find Gohan alive. She blows Goku off running over his already cracked ribs. Bulma is brought to tears by Yamcha's death. Gohan informs them about the Namekians. They find Piccolo's spacecraft and go to Namek.

On a side note, the scenery is to be played by Kevin Bacon.

Side note 2 from editor 2: Bro you really need to work on your grammar.

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