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Dragonball Z Wrath of the Shadow Prince is a Dragonball Z movie released in spring 2010.


Thirty thousand years before the events of Dragonball, on planet Vegeta there was a spoiled manipulative Saiyan prince. His name was Taurus. Taurus was quick tempered and greedy and he wanted to always get what he wanted. He did. But there was one thing he desired more than anything else, one thing he had wanted his whole life more than anything. And that was to be the most powerful most important most greatest person in the universe and of all time. Taurus wanted to be a god. He wanted lots and lots of power. One day a race of warriors called the Zerfs invaded planet Vegeta. They killed much of the population, destroyed part of the planet and destroyed the palace Taurus lived in. Taurus's family, friends, and valuables were destroyed, gone forever. He had never been more enraged in his lifetime. He powered up. His power level increased dangerously. The planet shook causing an Earth quake. There was a hurricane that killed half of the Zerf army. It was caused by the furious power of Taurus. His power level increased more and more causing more disasters. He grew more angry. He transformed into a super saiyan. But he was so angry the first time he became super saiyan he became an ascended super saiyan. The only Xerf warriors that Taurus hadn't killed yet was General Soy the evil general in the Zerf army and the evil king of the Xerf's King Scum. He fought General Soy and easily killed General Soy with his new super saiyan power. Taurus fought King Scum. King Scum mocked and taunted Taurus making him go insane he drove Taurus so insane that Taurus transformed into a god like being that resembled a shadow. It is unknown what the transformation really was but it was invincible and Taurus killed King Scum in that form. With his powers in that form he was able to mend planet Vegeta. But he eventually got so powerful he blew himself up. Centuries later in present day on Earth, Goku and his friends are training for the androids and it is a year before they arrive. Goku hasn't been fighting any threats to the Earth lately but is preparing himself for the androids. more to be added

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