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This is a fanficition that takes place between the cell games saga and the great sayiamen saga

Sagas Edit

The New Tournament Saga

The Return Of Cell Saga

Unstoppable Force Saga

New Sayian Invasion Saga


Episodes Edit

  • 001:Five Years Later

Gohan Is Now 16 Years Old he is teaching videl how to be a better fighter along with his brother goten, krillin calls gohan and goten to come over to his house for something.

  • 002:Tournament?

Krillin Tell's Gohan and Goten About The New World's Martial Arts Tournament Suddenly Android 18 wants krillin to fight gohan.

  • 003:Unusual Sparring Match Part 1

Krillin Begins his fight with gohan But it seem's he is no match for him android 18 begins to fight him.

  • 004:Unusual Sparring Match Part 2

Android 18 Continues To Fight Gohan They are Almost Equally Matched Until Gohan Goes Super Sayian.


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