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Dragonball Z: The Last Surviving Saiyans is a fan manga and roleplay. Roleplay is found at, it is called Dragonball Z Roleplaying Game.

It centers around a new cast of characters. The Sagas so far are, Ryuu Saga, Tournament Saga, Naruko Saga, Jex Saga, The 2nd World Martial Arts Tournament Saga, Invader Saga, Dustan Saga, The Majin King Saga, Original Legendary Super Saiyan Saga, Turfel Saga, Chrona Saga, Android Z Saga, and The Seven Deadly Dragons Saga.

Season One Ryuu, Tournament, Naruko, and Jex Sagas.
Season Two 2nd World Tournament, and Invader Sagas.
Season Three Dustan Saga.
Season Four Majin King, Original Legendary Super Saiyan, Turfel and Chrona Sagas.
Season Five Android Z and Seven Deadly Dragons Sagas.

So far, five movies have taken place in the Manga/Roleplay.

1. Wrath of Denx.

2. Ryuu: Back Again.

3. Damien: The New Legendary Super Saiyan

4. Return of the Demon King

5. Kuriza's Vengeance

And 3 Specials.

1. Planet Zarathia

2. Super Saiyan 3 Broly

3. The Saiyan Invasion

Ryuu Saga Power Levels







Neko Majin Z-1,000,000

Ryuu (1st Form)-1,200,000

Ryuu (2nd Form)-60,000,000

Ryuu (3rd Form)-3,000,000,000

Ryuu (4th Form)-6,000,000,000

Ryuu (4th Form, Full Power)-6,500,000,000

Fausha (Super Saiyan)-150,000,000

Fausha (Super Saiyan 2)-100,000,000

Fausha (Super Saiyan 3)-400,000,000

Broly (Super Saiyan)-350,000,000

Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)-1,050,000,000

Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan 3)-8,400,000,000

Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan 3, Power at Peak)-10,000,000,000

Seraph (Super Saiyan)-75,000,000

Seraph (Super Saiyan 2)-150,000,000

Lilly (Super Saiyan)-100,000,000

Kayla (Super Saiyan)-125,000,000

Neko Majin Z (Super Form)-50,000,000

Neko Majin Z (Super Form 2)-100,000,000

Wrath of Denx Power Levels






Fausha (Super Saiyan)-200,000,000

Broly (Super Saiyan)-375,000,000

Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)-1,300,000,000

Mimi (Angel Super Saiyan)-20,000,000,000

Dra (Demon Super Saiyan)-20,000,000,000

Dark Shenron-18,000,000,000

Tournament Saga Power Levels







Shin (Fusion)-3,200,000

Super Shin (Fusion)-320,000,000







Good Buu-9,500,000




Naruko Saga Power Levels








Naruko (Base)-10,000,000



Naruko (Super Saiyan)-500,000,000

Naruko (Super Saiyan 2)-1,000,000,000

Naruko (Super Saiyan 3)-4,000,000,000


Gotenks (Super Saiyan)-800,000,000

Gotenks (Super Saiyan 3)-3,200,000,000




Broly (Super Saiyan)-500,000,000

Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)-1,500,000,000

Oozaru Broly-100,000,000

Oozaru Broly (Legendary Super Saiyan)-15,000,000,000

Naruko (Super Saiyan 4)-20,000,000,000

Drango (Super Saiyan)-500,000,000

Drango (Super Saiyan 2)-1,000,000,000

Drango (Super Saiyan 3)-4,000,000,000

Naruko (Super Saiyan 5)-200,000,000,000

Ryuu: Back Again Power Levels











Ryuu (4th Form)-6,000,000,000

Midra (Base, Fusion)-240,000,000

Midra (Super Saiyan)-2,400,000,000

Midra (Super Saiyan 2)-4,800,000,000

Midra (Demon Super Saiyan)-50,000,000,000

2nd World Martial Arts Tournament Power Levels


Invader Saga


Dustan Saga




The rest of the power levels are unknown except Seven Deadly Dragons Saga.

The Seven Deadly Dragons Saga







Oceanic Shenron (Base)-120,000,000

Pyro Shenron-120,000,000

Nocternal Shenron-120,000,000

Golum Shenron-120,000,000

Frozen Shenron-120,000,000

Shocking Shenron-120,000,000

Wind Shenron-120,000,000

Android Z-110,000,000








Gatlar (Fusion)-220,000,000

Oceanic Shenron (One-Star Shenron Absorbed)-1,200,000,000

Oceanic Shenron (Two-Star Shenron Absorbed)-12,000,000,000

Oceanic Shenron (Three-Star Shenron Absorbed)-120,000,000,000

Oceanic Shenron (Four-Star Shenron Absorbed)-1,200,000,000,000

Oceanic Shenron (Five-Star Shenron Absorbed)-12,000,000,000

Oceanic Shenron (All Shenrons Absorbed)-120,000,000,000,000

Gat (Super Saiyan)-7,500,000,000

Gat (Super Saiyan 2)-15,000,000,000

Gat (Super Saiyan 3)-60,000,000,000

Gat (Super Saiyan 4)-180,000,000,000

Gat (Eternal Saiyan)-220,000,000,000

Dustan (Super Saiyan)-7,500,000,000

Dustan (Super Saiyan 2)-15,000,000,000

Dustan (Super Saiyan 3)-60,000,000,000

Dustan (Super Saiyan 4)-180,000,000,000

Dustan (Fallen Saiyan)-220,000,000,000

Rise of the ShenronsEdit

With Dustan and his crew still alive, not posing a threat to the earth, the Z-Fighters take a break from saving the universe. Meanwhile, Dustan fights Dra, but out of nowhere, the Demon/Saiyan starts to scream. Elsewhere, Mimi still contains the Dragonballs inside of her body. Bell, a shapeshifter, kidnaps Mimi, realizing she can only grant one more wish, Bell stomps on the ground as Mimi breaks loose and escapes. Dustan senses Mimi's high power level, and chases her, leaving Dra all by himself.

But, in the frozen tundra, a small girl starts to transform into an ice-dragon. Dra stops powering up, and the five-star ball flies into the sky, so does the two-star ball. Dra has become a new person. He has become Pyro Shenron. All seven dragonballs fly into a different person, which means Mimi cannot grant any more wishes. Rendering the Dragonballs useless. The one-star ball flies into Mimi, but she can't grant wishes without the other six. Turning her into Oceanic Shenron. The little girl turns into Frozen Shenron.

Gat begins searching for the seven dragonballs, not knowing what happened, he is attacked by Pyro. Amazed by the new enemies power, Gat turns into a Super Saiyan. Pyro Shenron declares it is Judgement day. Elsewhere, the seven-star ball flies into a teenager. Turning him into Shocking Shenron. The three-star ball turns an old man into Golum Shenron. The four-star ball flies into a grown man, turning him into Nocturnal Shenron. Then, the six-star ball flies into a small boy, turning him into Wind Shenron.

Gat squares off against Pyro Shenron, and realizes he doesn't have a chance. Dustan takes on Frozen Shenron. Gat falls onto a myserious gem, increasing his power expenintially. He sees Pyro destroy Vena, an innocent underling of Dustan, Gat turns Super Saiyan 4 as Dustan goes Fallen Saiyan. Pyro Shenron beats the daylights out of Gat and prepares to destroy the earth, but Gat counters with a Kamehameha.

Pyro Shenron pushes Gat away with no effort. Bobobo jumps out of the air and attacks Golum Shenron, but to no avail, he is defeated quickly. Pyro quickly kills Gat, with only Dustan and Bell left in the fight, they take on Golum and Frozen. Shocking Shenron enters the fight, only to be killed by Dustan. Oceanic rips an arm off of Shocking's dead body and eats it, grossing Dustan out. Pyro slices Bobobo in half and rips off Turfel's head, the dragons leave, in search of the strongest fighters on earth.

Frozen finds Zaken, and instantly attackes him. But, he turns into an Inferno Saiyan. Elsewhere, Oceanic absorbs the seven-star ball. Back at the fight, Zaken is over powering Frozen. Within two days, Shocking, Wind, and Golum. While fighting Gaara, Pyro turns back into Dra. Oceanic has absorbed the seven-star, three-star, six-star, and the five-star balls.

In otherworld, Grand Kai gives Gat a life so he can go back to earth and fight Oceanic Shenron. After confronting Oceanic, it is revealed that Skylar was revived by the Nameks. They fuse and make Gatlar, but the fusion has no chance against Oceanic. Not even as a Super Saiyan 4. Gensho appears infront of Gat, they both teleport to the lookout and begin to fight. Dra powers up and hits Oceanic with his Super Dragon Fist attack. Destroying half of his body, Gensho goes back to his ship and begins to slowly regenerate. But before he does, he kills Dustan,

Everyone begins to fight in space, Sakai grins and powers up his ultimate attack. The Final Bang. Gat attempts to stop him, but loses. With Dustan dead, they have no chance of winning. Dustan attemps to stop the Final Bang. But is killed again, meaning he ceases to exist. Earth explodes, Gat is killed by Oceanic. Mimi defuses with Oceanic. But, Oceanic still has her power. The Z-Fighters are down to five fighters. Goku, Vegeta, Mimi, Dra, and Zeta. Mimi fuses with Dra and Zeta, creating Legion.

Sakai leaves the area, with his twin brother Sokai following behind him. The two begin to fight at the exact centre of the universe, giving it their all, not holding back. As their new hatred for each other grows strong, so does their power level tenfold. Both twin brothers fire the ultimate attack, The Final Bang. Ever since they have fired the giant beam, there has been reports of the two still fighting one another.

Oceanic forms a planet, called New Earth. Legion begins the final showdown with Oceanic. Both being equal to each other, they decide to stop the warm up. After a long battle, Oceanic charges up a blast that could destroy New Earth. Oceanic laughs at Legion, saying that she could destroy the whole universe with her energy, now. Legion fires a Kamehameha. Oceanic fires a Tidal Kamehameha. Both of the blasts collide. Legion uses his full power, destroying Oceanic and sending her to hell.

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