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Biggest BattlesEdit

Utimate Cell and SS2 Gohan and Goku vs. Ultimate #13

Mega Buu Vs Janembuu

True Legendary Super Sayan Broly Vs King Cold Vs Kid Buu clones

Cold Buu Vs Broly Buu Vs Giant Buu Vs Ultimate Cell and Ultimate #13

SS4 Goku, Gohan, and Vegeta and Lord Piccolo vs the slaves of Baby Buu and Buubidi

SS4 Goten and Trunks vs. Baby Buu and Buubidi

Ultimate Buu vs Omega Shenron

Funny ScenesEdit

Great apes Goten and Trunks messing around with their dads

Chichi and Bulma trying to give the great apes a time out.

Cell goes to the movie theartre

Shenron and Porunga aurguing about which of them is cooler.

Cell and 13 try to get dates

Fat Buu walks into a bar

Fat Buu goes shopping

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