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Dragonball XH is a Dragonball series set in an alternate universe and has nothing to do with Goku or Vegeta and most characters in the Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT series. It is not a sequel to Dragonball GT. It is about the adventures of a mighty young Saiyan named Mint. There are five sagas in the series.

Super Namekian saga Edit

The first saga of the series. It is about how Mint and his friends try to get back the Dragonballs the evil Super Namekian's stole.

Dark Oozaru saga Edit

The second saga of the series. In this saga they must stop the Dark Oozaru and figure out who the Dark Oozaru really is.

Cursed Dragonballs saga Edit

In this saga they go on a quest in search of the cursed Dragonballs.

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