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Dragonball X - or How the Earth found itself a new protector

Places in a time long after Dragonball GT.


Memento breathed heavily and stared his monster of an enemy. He had made a mistake. And this mistake could be a deadly one - he had underestimated his enemy's powers, the worst mistake to make. He thought that after years and years of training he could finally face the monster Akusa and avenge the destruction of his home planet. But it was too early to take fight... and too late to turn back. He remembered the day his planet was destroyed...

Young Memento, the youngest prince of planet Jetonia, stared up and cold fear rushed his body. What he saw was too horrifying to be true... yet it was happening right here and now. The monster Akusa, an age old menace who had always wanted to rule the jetonians, was hovering over the capital city of Jetonia and holding a growing ball of black energy on the palm of his upstreched arm. All the people on the streets were petrified by the sight and they knew this was the end. Memento tried to hold back his fear like his teacher had told him to... but he was just a kid. He could not help the inhabitants of planet Jetonia, his home planet. He could just stare... but then a certain technique plopped up to his mind - a traditional jetonian technique tought to him by his teacher - the dimension gate technique, that was formerly used by jetonian warriors to move from one place to another in a blink of an eye. Memento concentrated and opened a dimension gate. Just at the same time the evil monster Akusa threw his energy ball of doom at planet Jetonia. At the time it hitted ground young Memento had securely passed the dimension gate and landed on a nearby planet. But the rest of the jetonian people were not so lucky...

The memory gave Memento power and will to carry on. He knew that if he died, there would be nothing left of Jetonia. Memento raised his gaze and looked straight at Akusa. "Not this time", Memento said "not this time you are going to get me". With those words he opened a dimension gate to the nearest inhabited planet - Earth.

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