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(i am not really finished with this. i am still comin up with ideas.)

Dragonball WR is an alternative sequel to Dragonball GT (maybe Dragonball AF). It takes place maybe hundreds of years into the future. Goku, Chi chi, Gohan, Trunks, and Bulma died long ago. They died of old age and cannot be wished back because the dragonballs are missing. So then the spirit of Goku asks the dragon Shinron if he can be reincarnated into a new form so he can look for the dragon balls in a new life. Chi Chi is sad and we'll miss Goku because he won't be Goku anymore he'll be someone else. So then Goku and chi chi are reincarnated. The last thing Goku remembers is a green flash of light. He wakes up in the body of a half human, half saiyan infant. Their name is Enric. Enric's saiyan powers are hidden somewhere in him. He has no idea that he is really Goku and has been reincarnated. When Enric dies at the end of his life he will revert back into the soul of Goku. Deep down inside Enric he is really the soul of Goku. Enric grows up to be a comedian. He loses his sense of humor and is shunned so he quits. He becomes a martial artist. He is a famous and very wise martial artist. He is powerful. He wins very many world tournaments and becomes a great warrior. He is nicknamed the great one or Mr Wise. Enric falls in love with a girl named Kiki. Kiki is actually Chi Chi reincarnated. Enric begins to have many strange dreams about Goku his original self. He discovers he is Goku. Kiki discovers she is Chichi. Together Enric and Kiki go on a mystical quest for the dragonballs. One day they finally found them. But then they are stolen by the evil King Explosion. King Explosion is actually Frieza reincarnated. He accidentally reincarnated himself. Enric and Kiki must save the world from king Explosion. Kiki gets slain by King Explosion. Enraged by this Enric becomes a super saiyan 1.

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