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Chapter 2 Time To Train Piccolo

On the gohans piccolo was thinking why is gohan on the supreme kai planet and why hes gone missing Gohan said he'll explain after train him piccolo got mad but he went for it thinking gohans training would be easy. Back on the planet vegeta and goku were on vegeta said:KAKARTO HOW DID U ACENSEND then goku said thays why were going to train and go to LSS 10 vegeta was amazed . now on gohans planets gohan got a rock and made it a metal square block so piccolo carried the block while gohan was shooting ki blasts and attkaing piccolo and piccolo cant attack at the end of training elder kai explained everything and said piccolo its his destiny to help unlimated defeat the evil that comes fourth its him and nails destiny to fuse and said nails coming tommrow so they can become super nameks to level 5 then to a lengendary super namek gohan decided to show a picture piccolo was amazed and wondering whos unlimited then elder kai said in time it will be revaled they t.then they said the train will take 1 day but fells like a year gohan made a time chamber that u can change the gravity the next day nail and piccolo trained and each hour another metal block wil be placed then the gravity changed each hour the it was at 100 gravity then started running with about 5 metal blocks . then after they were done with the training they walked out there clothes ripped of on the top they got rest the next day piccolo and nail powered up and already they were super nameks 5 they test it out there power they were equally matched but thought it was the trasformed but it wasnt it then gohan said try to push your power further beyong then they started to transform but couldnt control the power then gohan said they can control the power just do it one more time they decided to try it again they got the transfomation but then kept trasanformimg till level five then gohan said its time for them to to go back then gohan wanted to do one more thing to unlock there power so on the day they unit there fusing can be even more powerful gohan told piccolo not to tell nobody he get them one by one then told nail to teach the nameks fighters the transformation and if they want to become a LSN to come to the planet days pasted gohan reaching a new mystic saiyan till level 10 each stage exploding the planet and gives big shockwaves and at level 10 expoding planets .HI it goku next time it me and vegeta it training time vegeta Vegeta : shut it Kakarot

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