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Dragonball UZ==

Dragonball UZ (ultimate z) takes place long after the original Z-Fighters death and now follows the the story of Goku jr's son gohun and his friend Bugeta. Goku jr's went to find the White star Dragonballs , that can grant any wish, to wish for the sayain race back into existance doing so goku jr. settled down and had a son this is where the story begins

janembuu sagaEdit

The saga starts with the new z-fighters training in the 20x Gravity chamber to become stronger both Gohun and Bugeta already achieving the first 2 levels of super sayain trying to achieve the power and strentgh to attain super sayain 3 when the two sense an energy that is stronger than anything else they've ever sensed before then eventualy they catch a glimpse of the being and at first they thought it was janemba but they remembered he was only evil energy with a ogre as a host but it looks like it took over something extremly powerful it was small and really pink. IT WAS BUU. Every one thought Uub was reincarnated from buu but King yemma kept a single piece not big enough for him to regenerate or so he thought over the years the piece was resting to reagain power to finally regenerate after he did the evil energy built back up especially with the power of omega shenron,baby and super 17. the energy is a lot stronger. Janembuu approches them picking up his sword and uses his mystic slash. With the power of the first attack destroying the chamber and everything around it so the boys take it upon themselves to fight this beast transforming into super sayain 2's

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