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Dragonball SW (Saiyan Warriors) is a story taking place a few years after the destruction of Planet Vegeta. The main characters are Parslee and his Sister Cisha and this series is used to explain their backstories fully. Due to the fame of Dragon Ball series it is usually stated what is happening in Goku's adventures at certain times to show when it took place.



The Saiyans were a proud warrior race that with help from an almost unbeatable tyrant called Frieza, were able to conquer planets and let Frieza sell them. However, when a the Saiyan's power began to increase quickly and rapidly, Frieza eventually ordered the death of a team lead by the warrior Bardock and after killing their King he destroyed the Saiyan's home planet Vegeta and every Saiyan on it. Less than a dozen Saiyans were known to survive: the prince Vegeta, the Saiyan army commander Nappa, the young warrior Raditz, the strong low class fighter Turles, the amazingly strong baby Broly and his father Paragus, Vegeta's brother Tarble and Raditz's brother Kakarot who would one day become Son Goku and eventually the strongest fighter in the universe. What wasn't known was that just under 200 Saiyans left the planet suspecting Frieza to do something like this and settled down on a new planet this is the story of two of them.

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