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Dragonball SFD is a fan fiction manga and anime series created by Elcidboy. It takes place thousands of years before Goku was born. On planet Vegeta there is a kid saiyan named Cup. He has a brother named Fork. Their father is named Meat. Meat is a saiyan general. He fights in a war against an evil race known as the Roastorkians. The Roastorkians have blue hair and have green hair in their old age. They look a lot like Namekians and their skin is as white as whipped cream. Their eye color is usually black or yellow. Cup and Fork lose their father in the war cause he is killed by the Roastorkians evil warrior emperor known as Darock. Cup and Fork are depressed when they hear about his violent death. So they are trained by their fathers longtime best friend Mouse. They go on an adventure to find the seven mystical dragonballs to revive their father and their dead older brother and defeat Darock and his army. They meet many people in their journey including a girl named Tape and a young white dragon named Finron. And also a Namekian man named Wood. The first three sagas are the Roastorkian saga' the fire rat saga' and the ultra ape saga.

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