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Dragon Ball Reborn Edit

2000 Years After Goku Leaves The Earth Giten and Gokat are the last surviving sayians in the whole universe giten is 12 and gokat is 16 but an evil force comes to earth named zorak he is after the seven dragonballs and he will stop at nothing to achieve his goal can giten and gokat defeat this menace...coming soon....

Dragon Ball Reborn 2:Return Of Fusion Edit

One Year after zorak 'another force comes to earth the unknown alien named zorakta is zorak's brother...coming soon...

Dragon Ball Reborn IIl Edit

Three Months After Zorakta another monster comes to planet earth...Coming Soon...

Dragon Ball Reborn 4:Zorak's Revenge Edit

Zorak Returns and plans to destroy the universe...Coming Soon...

Dragon Ball Reborn Final Hour Edit

...Coming Soon...

Video Series Edit

After The First Movie The Creators Plan to make there own series.


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