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Dragon Ball GH (meaning Greatest Heroes) takes place two years after the defeat of Omega Shenron.


8th September- Dragon Ball GH is created

8th September- Super Saiyan Raditz chapter is added

11th September- The Elimination Round section is added

14th September- Preliminary Battle section is added

16th September- Quarterfinals section is added

20th September- Vegeta vs. Piccolo a Decisive Battle section is added

25th September- A Surprise Attack section is added

2nd October- Super Saiyan section is added

5th October- Return of Goku section is added

8th October- Chan the Super Namek chapter is added

Super Saiyan Raditz sagaEdit

"Trunks attack me!"
— Vegeta

With Omega Shenron out of the way everyone is training for the 33rd World Martial Arts Tournament."Trunks, attack me!" shouts Vegeta at the top of his voice.Trunks lunges at Vegeta. Vegeta dodges Trunks’ every move."Dammit dad, I just can’t touch you."Meanwhile, Gohan and Goten are training too."Come, Goten, hit me,” says Gohan.“Okay, Ka-me-ha-me-haaaaa!” yells Goten.“Wow Goten, you’re stronger than I thought,” says Gohan“I know, but with the world tournament is in two days, I have to train to my limits,” says Goten.I wonder how Piccolo is doing, thinks Gohan.“Come on Krillin, fight!" shouts Piccolo.“I dont feel like it,” says Krillin.“I understand that you want to surpass Gohan,” says Yamcha.“I guess we'll find out what happens tomorrow," says Tien.

Elimination RoundEdit

— World tournament announcer to Z-fighters

Two days later, everybody shows up for the tournament, ready to fight when they hear a voice. “Hello and welcome to the 33rd World Martial Arts Tournament. We start with the elimination round, then the preliminary round, then the quarterfinals, the semifinals, and then the finals!”Everyone enters the elimination stage, ready to battle. Two hundred fighters enter and the fight begins.“Ready…Fight!”Yamcha is first to fight. He afterimages behind his opponent and kicks him in the stomach. The opponent gets up and charges at Yamcha, but Yamcha dodges and the oppenant hits the wall and leaves the ring. In the end, eight people pass to the preliminaries. They are Piccolo, Vegeta, Pan, Gohan, Goten, Krillin, and Trunks.

Preliminary battleEdit

"Wait until Kakarot sees me again ha ha ha"
— Raditz

Krillin's battle is first he was against Pan. The tournament announcer calls them to the ring and the match begins. Krillin punches Pan in the face. Pan yells in pain. She then charges at Krillin and kicks him, but he dodges the attack.Meanwhile in space, a mysterious figure smirks. “Wait till Kakarot sees me again, hahahaha.”Pan attacks Krillin with a Kamehameha. The beam knocks him off guard, allowing Pan to kick him in the stomach. Krillin gets back up and fires a volley of ki blasts at Pan. He then knees her in the face. Pan charges at Krillin and throws a powerful kick that knocks him out. She proceeds into the next round.


"You're going down,Goten"
— Trunks torwards Goten

Goten vs Trunks
Vegeta vs Piccolo
After Pan’s victory in the preliminaries the match, Goten and Trunks are next. The announcer calls them to the stage and the match begins.“You’re going down, Goten,” says Trunks."Oh yeah,” says Goten,
M Trunks vs Goten by brocken jr

Trunks Vs Goten

sarcastically.Goten charges at Trunks and throws a punch at him. Trunks dodges it and kicks Goten in stomach and then punches him in the arm, breaking the limb.“I will not be defeated,” says Goten as he attacks Trunks, “Damn, I can’t touch you.”“I’ve been training under 650G,” laughs Trunks.Goten, in rage, punches Trunks in the face and kicks him in the groin. Trunks falls to the floor in pain. Goten flings Trunks across the ring. Trunks becomes a super saiyan 2 and punches Goten. The punch knocks Goten out, allowing Trunks to advance to the semi finals.

Vegeta vs. Piccolo, a Decisive BattleEdit

"Hey there"
— Piccolo torwards Vegeta

The match between Piccolo and Vegeta is ten minutes away, when Vegeta arrives. Piccolo is already there.“Hey,” says Piccolo.“Hi,” replies Vegeta.The announcer soon arrives."Don’t worry, the match will start soon," he says.“Start the damn match!” yells Vegeta, and the match begins.Vegeta fires a Galick Gun at Piccolo, but the Namekian afterimages behind Vegeta and kicks him in the back. Vegeta recovers a
Vegeta (Early) (Fireza Saga)

Vegeta charges at Piccolo

nd gets Piccolo in a pile driver, headbutts him, flips, kicks him in the back of the head, flings him to the floor, puts his arms in front of him, and lodges his arms into his stomach.Piccolo got up and screams, “Vegeta!” and runs at great speed before throwing a kick at Vegeta. Vegeta grabs Piccolo's leg, spins him around, and punches Piccolo in the face. Piccolo gets up, but is not quick enough to dodge Vegeta's next attack. A final knee to the face knocks Piccolo out.

A Surprise AttackEdit

— Gohan towards Raditz

Gohan begins his match with Trunks. It seems Gohan has the upper hand.“I have to win for dad,”says Gohan as he kicks Trunks and then fires a Kamehameha.The blast hits Trunks directly. Trunks then gets up and kicks Gohan in the stomach three times. Gohan decides that he cannot win in his normal form.“Trunks, are you ready for a super saiyan 3?” Gohan says as he transforms and the match resumes.Gohan grabs Trunks' hair and punches him in the head several times. They then hear a massive explosion. Gohan then sees someone behind him. He turns and the person knocks Gohan to the floor.Gohan transformed back to normal form. Gohan gets up, looks at the person that stands in front of him.

“Raditz!” yells Gohan in surprise.“Yes, I’m back,” he says.He then charges at Gohan and headbutts him in the stomach and fires a blast at him
Super Saiyan 3 Ultimate Gohan

Here i come!

. Then he viciously rams his fist in Gohan's stomach. Raditz then charges a super double Sunday and blasts Gohan out of the way and goes to Goten. Raditz is puzzled as to who the boy standing in front of him is. Without thinking twice, he attacks. He knees Goten in the stomach. Goten gets up and coughs up blood.“The Raditz you see here is just a disguise. You see, I can become a super saiyan,” says Raditz.

Super SaiyanEdit

"HA HA HA! You are about to witness super saiyan my nephew!"
— Raditz while transforming into a super saiyan

Gohan gets up and charges at Raditz but fails to land a punch. Raditz jumps back and begins to transform into a super saiyan.“HA HA HA! You are about to witness super saiyan my nephew!” Raditz laughs.Flames spread around Raditz as he yells. Raditz walks forward and then Gohan and Goten turn super saiyan and attack Raditz. Raditz dodges every punch until he is kicked in the stomach, causing him to cough up blood. Then, Gohan and Goten kick him in the back of the head. Raditz afterimages behind them and ambushes them. Gohan and Goten fall to the floor.“This is your end!” he then charges a massive beam and then screeches “Monday Arrow!”Raditz fires a barrage of blasts at them. Raditz goes to walk away when he is attacked by Vegeta and Trunks. “Nice to see you, Raditz” says Vegeta before punching Raditz in the neck and firing a final flash that hits Raditz directly. Meanwhile Trunks gives Gohan and Goten some senzu beans and they join the fight. Raditz seems to have upper hand in the battle. He punches Trunks and Goten in their stomachs. Piccolo then arrives to join the fight. The combined efforts of Vegeta, Gohan and Piccolo seem to be smashing Raditz into pieces.Trunks says to Goten, “They could win, but they need some help.”Trunks transforms into a super saiyan 2 and Goten becomes a full powered super saiyan.

Return of GokuEdit

"Let's go for lunch"
— Goku

Raditz is being beaten by the Z-fighters when he decides to use his ultimate attack,He flies and says, “This is just fifty percent of my power!”And with that, Raditz charges his new move.“Omega Saturday Blast!” Raditz yells as he unleashes a bluish, red beam out of his hand. Trunks and Goten are knocked unconscious by the attack, and Vegeta and Gohan are injured. The two remaining fighters charge at Raditz and punch hi
Son Goku AF Normal by Gothax


m in the stomach. Gohan fires a super Masenko and Vegeta fires a final shine attack. The two beams collide to become a bigger beam while Raditz fires another omega Saturday blast, resulting in a beam struggle. When the smoke clears, Raditz is knocked out and Goku stands next to him.

“Hey,” says Goku as he smiles.Raditz gets up and rushes at Goku. Goku grabs his arm, kicks him in the stomach several times, and fires a kamehameha. The blast hits Raditz directly and Goku charges a Genki Dama to finish Raditz for good. The smoke clears and Raditz is still alive. He punches Goku in the face and elbows him in stomach. Goku gets up and uses Dragon Fist, blowing Raditz into pieces.Goku then says, “Let’s go for lunch.”Everyone laughs and they go to the Sons' house.

Chan the Super Namek sagaEdit

It's been three months since the defeat of Raditz. Vegeta is teaching Gohan how to become super saiyan 4.“Show me your best attack,” says Vegeta.“Sure thing Vegeta. Ultimate KA-ME-HA-ME-HAAAA!” yells Gohan as he fires his new version of the wave.Vegeta is amazed. How could Gohan have so much power?.Meanwhile, Goten and Trunks are training to beco
Ssj gohan

Ultimate kamehameha!!!

me super saiyan 3 and super saiyan 2."Man Goten, if you want to get stronger you need to concentrate.” says Trunks.

Arrival of ChanEdit

Goten is training with Trunks when he sees something in the sky.“Hey Trunks do you see that?” says Goten.Trunks replies, "Come on Goten, let’s go."So they fly to see what is in the sky. When they arrive, they see a gigantic space pod."Woah have you seen that Goten" said Trunks.Just then the space pod crashed on earth at mighty speed and Goten and Trunks followed. Just then they saw a figure emerge from the space pod. Just then Goten and Trunks walked up to the figure and said"Hey there", the figure then said"My name is Chan".Goten and Trunks jumped back as thousands of minions charged toward them.Trunks powered up to super saiyan 3 and charges into the crowd.The number of men was dropping as Goten and Tru

"Here i am!"

nks easily defeated the minions.Trunks headbutted one of the minions then he grabbed the minion's chest and shouted"Breaking cannon!!". This vapriozed the rest of the men.

Gohan and Vegeta's return to battle.Edit

Goten and Trunks had just finished defeated all minions when Chan said "I've had a enough!".Chan charged at Goten and Trunks he knocked Goten to the side and punched Trunks in the face.Meanwhile Gohan and Vegeta could feel Trunks's energy dropping slowly"Let's go Vegeta"said Gohan."Come on boy where's your fighting spirit"said Chan as he viciously kicked Trunks in the stomach Trunks then shouted"Goten help me please".Trunks fell to the floor when he had an idea,he transformed into super saiyan 3 and rushed at Chan.Trunks was no match for Chan,every punch Trunks threw Chan dodged"What the heck are you"said Goten as he charged at Chan. Just then Gohan and Vegeta appeared in front of Chan"Hey Vegeta let's test are new ablities". They afterimaged behind Chan and kicked him in the back of the head.Chan got up and rushed at Vegeta.Vegeta began to transform into super saiyan 4 as Chan came closer and closer and Vegeta began to think he wouldn't make it in time.


"Gohan stall him, i'm not ready yet!",said Vegeta.Just then Gohan appeared in front of Chan he punched him in the face,kicked him in the stomach,kneed him in the arm which broke it and then he grabbed Chan's leg and threw him into some mountains.Chan got up and rushed for Vegeta he kicked him in the face he then shouted"Brutal Punch!",he threw multiple punches and then finished it off by shouting"Kill Beam!!", the blast shot a hole straight into Vegeta's chest .Chan then attacked Gohan he punched him several times, kicked him several times then he him in the stomach,Gohan dropped to the floor."Leave Gohan alone",said Piccolo as he landed on the ground
Piccolo arrival

The namek returns.

.Piccolo charged at Chan kicked him in the face,punched him in the stomach and then char
Krillin arrival

Krillin's back.

ged a special beam cannon at max power.Then Krillin arrived and said"Hey Piccolo need any help". Krillin kicked Chan and fired some destructo discs at him, he then fired a super kamehameha.Piccolo then rushed for Chan just as he was getting up from Krillin's kamehameha attack, he kneed him in the stomach and fired multiple special beam cannons. Then Yamcha jumped to the ground and said"Is that guy

dead?",Krillin replied"I don't think so Yamcha". Then Goten and Trunks woke up to see Piccolo,Krillin and Yamcha, when Trunks said"Guys,Chan's back",they looked to see if they could find Chan .

Yamcha is here.


Giant form.Edit

Just then hundreds of beams came out of the sky"Guys,look out!"shouted Trunks. The GH-fighters then tried the best they could to dodge the blasts when Trunks said"Gohan!,use your new technique,hurry!",Gohan then replied"I need more time Trunks but here it goes!". When Chan finally appeared he rushed for Yamcha,Piccolo,Krillin,Vegeta and Trunks and Goten"Aaaaaargh!",screamed Chan. As Chan rushed for Trunks and Goten he yelled"I AM GOING TO ERADICATE YOU!!!"he grabbed them and smashed them into his ship. Gohan readied himself "Ultimate Kamehameha!!"

The Final AttackEdit

The blast travelled faster than a bullet and hit Chan spot on, the explosion could be seen from miles away, when the smoke cleared Chan was gone. "Phew!" groaned Gohan.

Bakkas SagaEdit

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