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Dragonball GreatestAdventures is set 400 years after GT.

Gaktas saga.Edit

"Man Sakta,your strong"
— Vegeita

"Man Sakta,your strong",said Vegeita a descendent of Vegeta.They had been training all day exchanging intense blow after intense blow.Sakta punched Vegeita,kicked him in the stomach, tripped him over,kicked dirt in his face and then said"See ya",and then he flew off to join the others.When Sakta finally arrived he collapsed in exhaustion,so the others got him some food and water.Just then a furious Vegeita arrived he walked to Sakta and kneed him in the stomach.Sakta coughed up blood and but before he could even catch his breath Vegeita attacks but this time he was more brutal.Vegeita threw multiple punches at Sakta and then he charged an energy wave and blasted Sakta.Vegeita then waited for Sakta to get his breath back and punched him again but this Sakta caught the punch and waited for Vegeita to slowly calm down.

The coming.Edit

"Do you feel that guys?"
— Vegeita

Then the picnic went fine until Vegeita said"Do you feel that guys?"Sakta replied"Yeah i do,it's huge".They sensed the energy level getting closer and closer and the ground began to quake"It's getting pretty close now Vegeita",said Sakta with signs of fear in his voice.Then a person appeared from the mist"Hmph,what a disgraceful little planet",said the stranger.Then Vegeita said"Who the heck do you think you",the stranger then replied"I'm Gaktas and i'm here to kill you". Then Sakta and Vegeita charged for Gaktas,they punched him but missed then they kicked him but missed again. Then Gaktas afterimaged behind Sakta and Vegeita and kicked them. Vegeita and Sakta coughed up blood and fell to the floor but Gaktas charged a barrage of ki blasts. Sakta fell through the Capsule Corp window unconscious"Ah damn,Sakta was weak i should never of trusted him. Gaktas chuckled then charged for Vegeita he viciously smashed him into a wall he then kneed Vegeita multiple times and then finished it off he punched Vegeita into some buildings.

An ultimate deciding blastEdit

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