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Dragonball EF:Return Saga is a fan fictional video game based on the return saga in Dragonball EF.

Playable CharactersEdit



Pre-Teen Gohan(Normal,SS1,SS2)

Cell(1st Form,2nd Form,Perfect Form,Perfect,Majin)


Frieza(1st Form,2nd Form,3rd Form,Final Form,100% Final Form,Ultra Frieza)

Android 20

Android 19

Android 18

Android 17

Super 17

Android 16


Kid Trunks(Normal,SS1)


Kid Goku

Android 15

Android 14

Android 13

Android 8



Master Roshi(Normal,Max Power)


Majin Gogeta(Goku + Vegeta = Gogeta + Majin Buu = Majin Gogeta

Ultimate Gotenks(Trunks + Goten = Gotenks + Max Power = Ultimate Gotenkss

Gotrunks(Goku + Future Trunks = Gotrunks

Return Saga LevelsEdit

  • Into Another Universe
  • Majin Gogeta,The Ultimate Warrior
  • The Arrival Of Cell
  • Goku Vs.Cell
  • The Return Of Broly
  • Frieza Strikes
  • Return Of The Androids
  1. 18's Assault.Gohan Vs.#18
  2. 17 Attacks
  • Super 17
  1. 19's Dreadful Attack
  2. 19 Vs,Vegeta
  3. 20,The Last Android?
  4. 13 Vs.Goku
  5. 14 Vs. Goku
  • Grudio,Another Super Sayain
  • Grudio Vs.Vegeta
  • The Season Finale,Part One
  • The Season Finale,Part Two


Dragonball EF:Super Dragonball Saga

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