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Dende came to earth to tell the the other guys the good news but he never knew they died a years ago'''''.Dende use his power who is the remaining fighter''''' but just Gohan so '''''he tell to Gohan that he need a fighting partner but Gohan said he does have and logically it was Trunks.Dende asked,where he is,Gohan said an evil take a whole part of him.Dende thought he was evil but Gohan told Cell absorbed him,then later Gohan asked,What is the good news Dende.Dende tells Gohan that there is a Marsian Dragonballs,Gohan shocked,asked,but how?Dende."Years ago '''''they were Marsians-Tuffle war before the events of the Saiyan''''' who will lived on Planet Plant,A Marsians named,Tralgoc who leads the marsians attacks the Tuffles and declare a war because of more hightech than them he has a friend Namek,'''''the eldest namek.The Marsians lose the fight then the namek,The eldest namek help Tralgoc create a Dragonball to wish every Marsians died on the war.The Marsians could wish only 2 wish and same rules except you could bring everyone back to life in 3 years in all the dragonballs and it was the first Dragonball ever made in history".Dende is too late to Gohan so the Z-fighters will alive again,Dende ask if Gohan coud find it,Gladly Gohan accept it for a quest to find the Dragonballs.Bulma gives Gohan a ship for his journey while Dende using a lookout for Incoming Cell.The Dragonball will turn into stone for 100 days only.Gohan thinking a two wish if he found the Dragonballs but he remember that Krillin died 3 years ago because he survived the attack of the androids and have a viral heart disease the.............



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