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Gohan SagaEdit

Just before Goku was about to leave Vegeta apears and asked Goku to fight.Goku accept's Vegeta offer and get's ready to fight.But there was somthing different about Vegeta,his eye's was red,his hair was white and so was his tail.Vegeta,what's wrong with you.asked Goku.Vegeta disapears.And punches Goku in the face.Vegeta grab's Goku on his foot and throw's him and blast's him.Gohan appear's on the battle field.Vegeta where's my dad? asked Gohan.You mean the one who's dead,ha ha ha your daddy's dead aha.said Vegeta.Gohan power's up into his mistic form and throw's a father son kamehameha.Vegeta blow's up into peice's.Dad it's over.said Gohan.

Zeel SagaEdit

Year's later,Goku was wished back by the dragonball's.But a big force appeared made by Dr.Gero.His name was Zeel.Goku,get ready to be destroyed.said Zeel.Goku power's up and punches Zeel in the stomac.What the...said Goku.Zeel grab's Goku's hair,and punches Goku in his stomac intantly almost killing him.But Goku jr kick's Zeel in the face and goes flying into the mountin's.Here take a senzu bean.said Goku jr.Thank's.said Goku.

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