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This is Turbo In Super Sayian 5 Form

Ss5 Zak

This is Zak, Raditz's Son, In His Super Sayian 5 Form


This, Is an Ascended Super Sayian 5


The Logo For Dragonball After Future

New Transformations Edit

Super Sayian 5-The User Gets Long Silver Hair and the Strength is 50 X Greater than Super Sayian 4.

Ascended Super Sayian 5-The User Is 5 X Stronger than a normal Super Sayian Five.


This is when Gotok Fights Raditz's Son


This is Super Sayian Five Vegeko

Dragonball After Future Sagas Edit

The Zak Saga-Episodes 1 to 9

The New Androids Saga-Episodes 10 to 24

The Return Of Broly Saga-Episodes 25 to 47

The Fuel Saga-Episodes 48 to 62

The Time Travel Saga-Episodes 63 to 102

The Demon Super Sayian Saga-Episodes 103 to 128

The Super Sayian Nine Saga-Episodes 129 to 155

The New Fusion Saga-Episodes 156 to 189

The 67th World Martial Arts Tournament-Episodes 190 to 213

The Horror Saga-Episodes 214 to 232

The Across The World Saga-Episodes 233 to 268

The New Prince Saga-Episodes 269-304