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"KAAAA.......MEEEEE....HAAAA.....MEEEE....HAAAA!!!" Pan cried as the Ki attack burst from her hands. She and her father Gohan were training. Gohan blocked. "Wow Pan you've got way better control of it now,"Gohan said,"Blaaast Of DOOOOOOM!!!". A huge green energy blast erupted from his hands.Pan fell to the ground,seriously hurt. "Here,eat this Senzu," he tossed the Senzu Bean to where she lay. "Thanks dad."

"You! Bring me some water," Broly spat at Paragus. "B-b-but Broly I am your father,"Paragus begged

Saiyan Elite Zucini


. "Enough!"Broly shouted. PSCHOOOOO!! Broly's energy beam passed though Paragus's heart."Son...." were Paragus's last words. "Lord Broly," Riedo said with glee in his voice,"Our sensors indicate that that fool Kakarot is on Planet Earth.