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Vegeta's ReturnEdit

When Goku was fighting Omega Shenron,a big force power hit.But the battle was so intense it created a small hole where everything changed sice the battle with Raditz.Vegeta was the one who deafeted Goku but Gohan got mad and turned into a false super saiyan,and deafeted Vegeta with one punch.But Goku died in that fight.With the fight of Vegeta and Frieza,Vegeta transformed into a super saiyan and deafeted Frieza.When Gohan fell into the hand's of Bojack,Goku returend to fight Bojack.Goku followed his son's foot step's,and failed.But Vegeta returned,and destroyed Bojack with the Big Bang Attack.

Year's later,the World Tournement was held.

Goku v.s. VegetaEdit

Goku and Vegeta was the first to fight.Vegeta wanna see my true power?!? said Goku.Goku transformed into a super saiyan .Unbeliveble! said Vegeta.Goku kick's Vegeta in the face and punched in the stomac.Goku grab's Vegeta's foot,and spin's him around and around.Goku letted go,and knocked him out the ring.Goku Win's!.Good fight Vegeta.said Goku.Shut up,i didn't do anything you dummy. screamed Vegeta.Sorry,my bad. said Goku.

Trunk's vs GohanEdit

The battle is about to be held against Trunk's and 11 year old Gohan.You ready Gohan? asked Trunk's.You bet! said Gohan.Gohan transform's into a super saiyan.Trunk's power's up into his uitra super saiyan.Is that all you got. said Gohan.Trunk's throw's a punch at Gohan,and Gohan doges it.Gohan does his KA-ME-HA-ME-HA!!!!And knock's Trunk's out of the ring.Nice work Gohan. said Trunk's.You too. said Gohan.

Broly and Cell Attack'sEdit

The fight's went on until two

power level's came.Broly and Cell stepped in the tournement.They killed everybody in the tournement.Your'e next Goku. said Cell.Goku power's up to his super saiyan form and punched Cell instantly.Broly came after Goku,and punched Goku in the face and went flying out the tournement.Broly goes after him and punches him down to the ground.Gohan and Trunk's goes after Broly.Vegeta battle's Cell.

Ultra CellEdit

When Vegeta is a punch away from killing Cell,he regenerate's and fly's to Broly to abosorb him.Ultra Cell is the ultimate weapon now.When Goku get's up from the beaten of Broly,his tail grew.Goku power's up into a super saiyan 3.Wow look like's Cell and Broly fused. said Goku.Goku does his super dragon fist and put's a hole in the body.But the fight's not over yet,Ultra Cell regenerated itself,and beated Goku down.Gohan got mad because he thought that his father was dead.Gohan exploded of rage.When the smoked cleared,Gohan was a super saiyan 2.Gohan throw's a KA-ME-HA-ME-HA at Ultra Cell and,Ultra Cell defected it.Goku looked at the moon,and Goku's eyes turned red and his heart started pounding intantly.

Golden Great Ape GokuEdit

Goku turned into a Golden Great Ape and destroyed everything.He almost stepped on Vegeta.Gohan talked Goku out and calmed him down.Goku was getting smaller and had fur,and his tail it was red.Goku was now a super saiyan 4.What's this. said Ultra Cell.You ready? asked Goku.Father

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