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This show takes place 10 years after the final episode of the Dragonball GT episode.


New Beginning SagaEdit

Goku makes a wish for everyone that he knows or knew to regain their youth, including his enemies. Now he must find the others and fight off the evil that they had beaten before.

1. A Fresh Start

2. Vegeta's Brother

3. Kakarot or Goku

4. Sins of the Father

5. The New Saiyan

6. Jericho Goes Bananas

7. The Great White Ape

8. The Legend of the Original Saiyan

9. Arrival of Prince Namek

10. Planet Reborn

11. Brother My Brother

12. Reuse the Fuse

13. Clash of the Saiyans

14. Dragonball Heroes: Kingdom Come

Androids Return SagaEdit

Goku and Jericho finally tells everyone that Jericho is the Original Saiyan. While breaking the news to the others Goku was hit by blast of energy. Everyone looked up in the sky and saw Goku. Jericho told them that he was just an android and not another clone. The android called himself Android Goku and that he will destroy the saiyans with his gang of androids.

15. Like Looking in a Mirror

16. Gears and Bolts

17. Nots so Perfect

18. Android or Saiyan?

19. Android of a Saiyan

20. Android Shenron

21. Facing the Past

22. The Red Super Saiyandroid

23. Fusion of a Android

24. Android Shut Down

25. The Ultimate Tranformation

26. Dragonball Heroes: Saiyans and Androids

The Silver Dragon Balls SagaEdit

After Ventus left to find the others Frezia, Cooler, and King Cold appeared. Jericho sensed their evil and went off to fight them. Jericho knew with all the radars that they were looking for the Dragon Balls. Jericho told Goku that there are one more pair of Dragon Balls known as the Silver Dragon Balls. So the set off to find the Dragon Balls before Frezia and them did.

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