• BIO: Garsege is a very powerful saiyan that can increase his power to be the same, or even surpass a Legendary Super Saiyan's power level (he only surpasses that in a time of great need.) He comes from an alternate world, similar to the one that Goku currently lives on. On his planet he fills in the spot of Gohan. He is a very kind person very intelligent and loves life. Unfortunately, he likes to fight like every other Saiyan. Yet there is a twist about his alternate world. The only difference is, that all of the villains' power levels are increased by 100x on his world than on Goku's world. He is as strong as Broly but yet the weakest of the 5 new heroes on his planet (Garmin Sr, Garmin Jr, Gage, Stylo, then Garsege.). If he is the weakest and is as strong as Broly, then imagine how strong Garmin Sr is!!!!!!
    I can draw 047

    Garsege Ultra Z Fighter Outfit

CURRENT LIFESTYLE: Garsege is currently further extending his education in engineering and tech science. He hangs out with friends and is always on his good side. But he is awaiting the call for help whenever one is in need.

GARSEGE'S GREATEST QUOTES: " There is only one way you can possibly stand a chance against me, but until you find that out I will pwn you till you can't be pwned anymore!!!" (DBZ N.D.)


Height: 5'7

Weight: 125 lbs

Special Attacks/Moves: Kamehameha, Final Flash, Energy Barrage Wave

Ultra Masenko, Dragon Insta-Death Combo and Kaioken

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