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This article, Dragon ball origins, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
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The series starts "1,000,00 years before earth" in the Pre Namekian era on Namek. Guru is shown as a kid with his father playing what appears to be a game of catch. Guru wins the game, at the same time as a mysterious cold appears. All the Namekians flee but the cold kills them all... all except Guru who managed to find shelter inside a house. The story then fast forwards to merely 152 years ago, when Kakarot(Goku) was born. The rest of the story is Goku's childhood.


Granpa Gohan saga

Bulma saga

Planet Vegeta begins saga

Bardock's assignments saga

Rebelion against Frieza saga




Guru's father




King Vegeta


Bardock is Born was never made.

Namek's history was never made.

Planet Vegeta's history was never made.

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