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Ok, this a Story based on Dragon ball Z but along the way there are some now People that joined the Z fighters.

Sayian sagaEdit

On a farmland everyone was happy living their peaceful lives, until on day a spacepod landed on earth. And a sayian with long spikey hair and a tail wearing space armor, his name was Raditz, and he was here to make sure tht Kakarot destroied this planet. So He went of to find his brother Kakarot. Mean while in the Desert Piccolo was meditating, while His Wife Trisa is trianing his daughter Viola. Trista, she had lond black hair, chocolate eyes, long black nails and sharp fangs. Suddenly they felt an evil energy, "Is that Goku, is seems he gotten stronger." Piccolo said. "NO, it's not Goku, this energy is evil." Trista said "Then, get out of here go to a safer place so you too wiuln't be in this mess." Piccolo said. Trista didn't say anything but she nodded, toke Viola with her, and headed to the Kami house. Raditz arrived, "I thought you were Kakarot, well it's obvious you not from this planet are you?" He said. "You rather face my raft." Piccolo said as he threw a ki blast at him, but he dodged it. His scouter detected other several power levels and he flew away.

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