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This is a what if where Goku and Vegeta's first battle will be entirely redone with Goku killing Vegeta.

Vegeta says" It is my turn to fight Nappa. Someone is coming and he is even stronger than you somehow. But he is no match for me." Vegeta then uses his dirty fireworks attack and kills Piccolo. Goku is riding the flying Nimbus and is now close enough to the battlefeild to see them but isn't there quite yet. Vegeta then fires a Final Flash and kills Gohan. Goku then arrives and sees that Gohan is dead. Goku starts to cry but his saddness quickly turns to anger and this rage causes a transformation. His pupils vanish,His skin starts to glow yellow and his hair turns bright red
Goku (Early) False Super Saiyan

False Super Saiyan Goku

. He rushes at Vegeta and punches right through his belly. King Kai who has been watching this battle telepathically then says "Goku has done it. He is a super saiyan." Back on earth Vegeta struggles to get up and says"This isn't over yet. There is still hope." He than holds his hand up into the air and starts to form a ball of energy. Goku then completely consumed by his rage and not thinking about anything but revenge flys up into the air and puts all his energy into a Kamemeha and fires it at Vegeta's head. The beam completely destroys Vegeta's head and he falls over. All that remains is a lifeless bleeding body. Butthe beam doesnt stop there. It soon collides with the earth and destroys it competely. Goku then powers down and dies in space because there is no more air to breathe.


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