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Dragon Ball Z SS is a DBZ Alternative timeline series which does not consider GT to be canon also this series follows a diffrient timeline. Also note that Kuriza, Frieza's son, who most of you now will be a major villain so will Onio also there will be Neko Majins in this series note the begining of this series takes place instead of the Garlic Jr Saga and it will be much longer taking place during the 3 years Goku is gone and so forth.

Kuriza SagaEdit

This is a very Long Saga involving Kuriza Onio Piccolo Gohan takes place during the 3 years Goku is gone Neko Majins are also in this story this is not a pardoy so the Neko Majins will be serious Vegeta has also gone Super Saiyan during the time that Goku has been absent im making it 3 years in this story.

.... What the hell is that guy up there talking about???? ^^^

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