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Dragon Ball Z Remade is a story where Sagas in Dragon Ball Z never happened. It's all about different story lines and different transformations. Hope you enjoy!

The Legend SagaEdit

"Who am I? I'm Vegeta, The Prince Of All Saiyans! I am a Legend... The Super Saiyan."
— Vegeta, confronting Goku

It all started on a nice day, with Goku and Gohan training at the plains. Chi-Chi was at home making supper for the evening. Goku trains Gohan in fighting positions. Gohan charged at Goku, with a head bang attack. Goku jumps and dodges Gohan's head attack. As Goku lands, he can hear Chi-Chi calling Gohan and himself. Goku thought it was deer fighting. While Goku wasn't looking, Gohan jumped and slapped Goku in the face. Goku turn's around and starts crying. Gohan asked his father if he was okay, and Goku replied that he was okay, and he was only crying because he was proud of how hard Gohan could slap. Goku tells Gohan that the training session was over and to head back home. Goku and Gohan arrived back to their house. They both threw their clothes off, and went to go jump in the bath. Chi-Chi was so furious at that point. She smacked them upside their head's, and told them to go pick up their clothes and to put them in the laundry room. The next day, Goku wakes up, and went somewhere. Goku had a anxious look on his face. Goku stopped in the middle of the sky. He looks up and saw Three Saiyan pods heading toward the Earth. As Goku struggles in fear, Piccolo headed toward Goku. Piccolo was at maximum speed. Goku felt a disturbance coming from behind him, and found out that Piccolo was coming. But Goku ignored Piccolo, and prepared his Kamehameha to hit the Saiyan pods. But just as Goku was about to fire the attack, Piccolo arrived. Goku stood up and asked Piccolo what did he wanted. Piccolo replied that he was there for a fight. Goku told Piccolo that right now is not the time. Piccolo replied that he wasn't there to fight him, he was there to fight the ones that are coming from the sky. After Piccolo inform's Goku that, the Saiyan pods had hit the ground, and caused a big explosion. Goku and Piccolo charged to the waste lands, and finds a huge hole in the Earth. They both saw three Saiyan pods. As they watched the Saiyan pods, people that was in the pods started to come out.

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