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== DRAGON BALL Z DCT (DREAM CAST TALES)== hello dbz fans leave requests for another franchise fights on my talk page and ill get on it


DBZ DCT starts with the yuske saga .one night in the opposite dimension thre lies a boy named yuske who is solvin a crime in his underworld . "looks like thre 's a promblem hiei"yuske says "yah thoug-WHAAAAT WHAT IS THIS POWER."" YUSKE YAH WHAT IS IT. the yu yu hakusho characters are astonished by the huge power thre feelling little do they know that there felling the power of the Z-fighters only traing bound to be a great fight ahead."uhhhhh sorry gohan looks like i over did it gohan"exclaims goku panting from his harsh training."yah a little dad could go a little easier"says gohan.back with yuske "what the hell am i felling here its like unlimeted i need to do some thing"yhe Z-fighters are going to see extroidanary foes ahead that are capable to also manipulate ki..Yuske looks around to see what happens and finds a portal Yuske plays with it and touches it and then ZAP Yuske an Hiei go into the portal .....

A New...EnemyEdit

Vegeta notices the huge ki that just apeared and rushes to the seen Yuske and Hiei examine the new dimension they just apeared. Then Vegeta came to the seen and saw both Yuske and Hiei . Vegeta laughs saying "Yer just abunch of teens pathetic" Yuske looks at Vegeta with anger and says "ok i believe we got of on da wrong foot could we restart were are we

"were the hell do you think earthling yer on earth

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