Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution is an upcoming game for Sony's PlayStation 3 system. It's spin-offs are Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution 2 and Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution 3


It is estimated to be released on the 20th July 2010. It was only released in America.


It has various game modes and characters. It's the same as the Raging Blast series: Including a couple of new playable characters. The sequel to this game is Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution 2.

Playable CharactersEdit

Vegito SSJ2

Vegito, that is the main character in the game, reaches the Super Saiyan 2 form.

It was rumoured that Gotenks would enter the game as a secret or maybe general character, but unfortunately, to stay focused on the Potara subject, an official announcement by NAMCO said it will not be added for this game. Also, Kid Trunks was said to be playable, but was cut because Gotenks is not in the game.


  • Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution is the 4th Dragon Ball video game to be released in a high definition console, between Burst Limit, Raging Blast and Raging Blast 2.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution's graphics are similar to Raging Blast 2's.
  • One major note: this has a few playable characters new to any Dragon Ball game.
  • Dragon Ball Z: Potara Evolution is the first Dragon Ball game to have DBRB2 asspects.

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