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Dragon Ball Z: Meteor Frieza is the final DBZ episode.

Cast Edit

Character Name Voice Actor (Japanese) Voice Actor (English)
Goku Mark Dury Jessie Lo
Bulma Jessie Lo Tom Harf
Piccolo Jessie Lo Jessie Lo
Frieza Mario Anderson Alex Lo and Jessie Lo
Meteor Frieza Alex Lo Scott Andrew
Coloa Jessie Lo Ralph Katler
Vegeta Scott Andrew Jessie Lo
Trunks Jessie Lo Mario Anderson
Master Roshi ??? Jessie Lo
Tien Jessie Lo Alex Lo
Oolong Akira Touriyama Jessie Lo
Narrator Bernard Anderson Jessie Lo

Plot Edit

After Cell's death, Coloa and Goku run to Cell Games house. Bulma was sneaking, and Trunks hit himself.

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