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Dragonball Z: Alternate Path is a What if Dragon Ball Z series.


The story is exactly as it went until the battle with Raditz. In this universe Raditz brought some Saibamen along with him and makes them fight Goku and Piccolo. Eventually, Raditz decided to join the Z-Fighters but one of the Saibamen self destructed and took Goku with him. The story then changes as Raditz helps the Z Fighters prepare for the battle with Nappa and Vegeta. Raditz and Piccolo take Gohan and train him while Raditz also helps Bulma create a modified scouter and the story becomes a new journey.

Power LevelsEdit

Character How it's Obtained Description of Event Power Level
Saiyan Saga
RaditzSame as normal timelineNormal level1,200
FarmerSame as normal timelineAttacking Raditz5
PiccoloSame as normal timelineNormal level322
GokuSame as normal timelineNormal level334
GohanSame as normal timelineUpset710
PiccoloSame as normal timelineWithout weighed clothing408
GokuSame as normal timelineWithout weighed clothing416
Raditz's Saibamen Normal levels650-950
GokuSame as normal timelineKamehameha964
PiccoloSame as normal timelineSpecial beam Cannon1,330
GohanSame as normal timelineEnraged1,370
GohanSame as normal timelineNormal level1
King Yemma Meeting Goku3,000
Master RoshiSame as normal timelineNormal level139
KrillinSame as normal timelineNormal level206
TurtleSame as normal timelineNormal level0.001
TurtleBeat up some strong guys in the Android SagaFull power19
Tien ShinhanSame as normal timelineNormal level250
YamchaSame as normal timelineNormal level177
Chiaotzu Normal level170
Yajirobe Normal level165
PiccoloSame as normal timelineAfter fighting Raditz329
Great ape GohanGreat ape=10x Normal level (Enraged level in this instance)1st transformation13,700
Vegeta Normal level16,800
Nappa Normal level4,000
King Moai Attacked by Nappa & Vegeta792
Goz Confronting Goku300
Mez Racing Goku280
Princess Snake Meeting Goku272
Piccolo After 6 months training850
Raditz After 6 months training1,800
Gohan After 6 months training500
Great ape GohanGreat ape=10x normal level2nd transformation5,000
KrillinStated that he, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu=1,510Fighting illusion Saiyans400
YamchaStated that he, Krillin, Tien and Chiaotzu=1,510Fighting illusion Saiyans395
Tien ShinhanStated that he, Yamcha, Krillin and Chiaotzu=1,510Fighting illusion Saiyans405
ChiaotzuStated that he, Yamcha, Tien and Krillin=1,510Fighting illusion Saiyans310
ShortyStated to be around 50% as strong as Nappa or VegetaNormal level2,000
ScarfaceStated to be around 50% as strong as Nappa or VegetaNormal level1,500
King KaiStated to be stronger than Yemma but weaker than Nappa or VegetaNormal level3,500
GohanNappa: The kid's at 1,250Confronting the Saiyans1,250
PiccoloNappa: The Namek's at 1,700Confronting the Saiyans1,700
RaditzNappa: Raditz is at 2,100Confronting the Saiyans2,100
KrillinNappa: The midget's at 1,770Confronting the Saiyans1,770
YamchaNappa: The long haired guy's at 1,480Confronting the Saiyans1,480
Tien ShinhanNappa: Three eye's at 1,860Confronting the Saiyans1,830
ChiaotzuNappa: The midget doll thing's at 1,010Confronting the Saiyans1,010
GohanNappa: The kid's powerlevel rose to 1,450Full power1,450
PiccoloNappa: So did the Namek, he's at 3,050Full power3,050
RaditzNappa: And Raditz is at 3,400Full power3,400
GohanVegeta: The kid's power just went up to 3,000!Enraged3,000
GohanVegeta: The kid's powerlevel is rising, it's at 3,200Masenko3,200
Nappa Full power7,000
GokuStated by VegetaArriving to battlefield5,000
GokuNappa: Vegeta, what's the scouter say about his powerlevel?
Vegeta: It even higher than 8,000. It's nearly NINE THOUSAND!!!
Full power8,400
GokuKaioken=normal level x 1.5Kaioken12,375
Goku8,250 x2=16,500Kaioken x216,500
Goku8,250 x3=24,750Kaioken x324,750
Vegeta Gallick Gun26,000
Goku Kaioken x3 Kamehameha25,750
Goku8,250 x4=33,000Kaioken x433,000
Goku Kaioken x4 Kamehameha34,000
Vegeta Injured by Kamehameha14,000
Great ape VegetaGreat ape=10x normal levelTransformation from power ball140,000
Goku Spirit bomb185,000
Yajirobe Attacking Vegeta970
Krillin Goku's Spirit bomb18,500
Vegeta Wounded by Spirit bomb5,000
Great ape GohanGreat ape=10x normal levelTransformation from power ball30,000
Great ape RaditzGreat ape=10x normal levelTransformation from power ball34,000
Vegeta Wounded by Great apes50
Namek Saga
Gohan Arrived on Namek2,000
Krillin Arrived on Namek2,000
Bulma Arrived on Namek12
Frieza soldiers Fighting Gohan & Krillin500
Gohan Full power10,000
Krillin Full power9,800
Yamcha Full power9,500
Tien Shinhan Full power10,300
Chiaotzu Full power4,500
Raditz Full power15,000
Vegeta Powered up to fight Cui24,000
Cui Normal level19,000
Dodoria Normal level22,000
Zarbon Normal level23,000
Namekians Normal levels1,000
Namekians Full power3,000
Moori Full power3,500
Dende Normal level30
Zarbon Monster form28,750
Krillin Unlocked potential26,000
Yamcha Unlocked potential23,500
Tien Shinhan Unlocked potential27,000
Chiaotzu Unlocked potential16,000
Raditz Unlocked potential29,500
Piccolo Training on King Kai's planet18,000
Piccolo Without weighed clothing23,000
Vegeta After recieving a Zenkai from fighting Zarbon30,000
Gohan Unlocked potential28,000
Nail Normal level4,200
Ginyu Saga
Gohan Fighting Ginyu force28,000
Krillin Fighting Ginyu force26,000
Chiaotzu Fighting Guldo16,000
Guldo Fighting Gohan, Krillin and Chiaotzu13,500
Recoome Fighting Z Fighters40,000
Yamcha Fighting Recoome23,500
Vegeta Fighting Ginyu force30,000
Tien Shinhan Fighting Burter & Jeice27,000
Burter Fighting Z Fighters37,000
Jeice Fighting Z Fighters39,000
Vegeta Gallick cannon against Recoome35,000
Gohan Masenko34,000
Goku Power supressed5,000
Gohan Healed with Senzu bean106,000
Krillin Healed with Senzu bean105,000
Vegeta Healed with Senzu bean250,000
Raditz Healed with Senzu bean150,000
Goku Fighting Ginyu force90,000
Ginyu Full power120,000
Nail Full power42,000
Frieza Power supressed265,000
Frieza Using one hand132,500
Goku90,000 x2=180,000Kaioken x2180,000
Ginyu Goku's body23,000
Goku Ginyu's body9,000
Ginyu Gaining control of Goku's body120,000
Frieza Saga
Frieza Normal level265,000
Krillin Normal level105,000
Gohan Normal level106,000
Raditz Normal level150,000
Raditz Full power350,000
Gohan Enraged500,000
Frieza Full power530,000
Vegeta Normal level250,000
Vegeta Full power600,000
Frieza 2nd form1,060,000
Gohan Enraged against 2nd form Frieza960,000
Krillin Healed400,000
Piccolo Normal level38,000
Piccolo Unlocked potential160,000
Piccolo Fused with Nail1,350,000
Frieza 2nd form, full power1,325,000
Frieza 3rd form1,590,000
Piccolo Without weighed clothing1,450,000
Gohan Super Masenko1,580,000
Gohan Power reduced to normal (Increased from brfore)1,700,000
Piccolo Healed1,650,000
Raditz Healed1,675,000
Vegeta Healed1,800,000
Frieza Final form, 1%120,000
Frieza Final form, 10%1,200,000
Frieza Final form, 20%2,400,000
Goku After using rejuvination chamber3,000,000
Frieza Final form, 25%3,000,000
Frieza Final form, 50%6,000,000
GokuIncrease of Kaioken decreases as base power becomes largerKaioken x104,500,000
GokuKaioken x20 now only does x2Kaioken x206,000,000
Goku x20 Kaioken Kamehameha6,250,000
Piccolo Given power by Gohan & Krillin, fighting 30% Frieza3,700,000
Goku Spirit bomb10,000,000
Yamcha Fighting Recoome100,000
Tien Shinhan Fighting Burter & Jeice130,000
Chiaotzu Fighting Guldo43,000
Recoome Fighting Yamcha40,000
Burter Fighting Tien37,000
Jeice Fighting Tien39,000
Guldo Fighting Chiaotzu13,500
Goku Super Saiyan11,000,000
Frieza Final form, 70%8,400,000
Frieza Final form, 100%12,000,000
Bardock Seen with Raditz and Vegeta in Hell3,250,000
Gohan Fighting 50% Frieza6,050,000
Super Saiyan Goku Enraged15,000,000
Frieza 100% Death ball14,000,000
Frieza Final blast12,500,000
Super Saiyan Goku Angry Kamehameha16,000,000

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