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Plot Edit

Dragon Ball XF takes place from 774 Age till 796 Age.

Yamcha Games Saga Edit

Trunks returns to the future and kills the Androids and Cell. He then returns to the past. Also, he met somebody strange.

The Yamcha Games Begin Edit

The Yamcha Games are about to begin. Also, Gohan was training with his 7-year old bro Goten. They trained and Gohan won the training easily. Later, they both enter the Yamcha Games. Yamcha tells them his tournament is about to begin. Vegeta said, "I don't know what will happen,". "That must be a boring tournament." said Piccolo.

"That was nice Vegeta." said Goku. "What are you doing Bonehead Kakarot?" "What do you mean?" he asked. "Kakarot, that's nothing to do. Yamcha said, "OKKKKKAYYYYY!!!! THE BATTLE IS ABOUT TO BEGIN!" Later, Frieza and Frieza Jr arrive. "Why am I not smiling?" Frieza said angrily. "BEGIN!" The first battle was Gohan vs. Vegeta. "Vegeta, no! Why do you-" "Stop Kakarot he made me do this!" TO BE CONTIUED

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