Dragon Ball Untold Chapters(DBUC) is a fan manga and anime which takes place 4 years after the 28th Tenkaichi Budokai in which Son Goku took Uub as his student. This replaces GT and introduces an all new SSJ4 and SSJ5. There are 7 sagas and 2 movies.


Dragon Ball Untold Chapters follows the shonen battle formula of fighting, winning, losing, learning important lessons, then returning to the fight. Though the story is slightly darker than the original manga it still borrows many of the comedic elements.
DBUC Chapter 1 Cover


Dragon Ball Untold Chapters Character List



Written by Satomi Daigo and drawn by Satomi Daigo and Joelama28(of DA), with the a few pages by guest artist SoraHasKeys the Dragon Ball Untold chapters manga started to be serialized on Deviant Art on August 11, 2008. Since then the manga has been release at a very slow pace until October 29, 2008 when the manga went on hiatus. This lated until May 9, 2009 when the manga returned. The release plan is now at one page a week.


List of DBUC Sagas and Movies

Video games

Two video games based on the series are under development for the Play Station 2 and PC. The first of which is a mod of Budokai 3, and the second of which is a fighter built on the M.U.G.E.N. engine.


As of now the DBUC anime has no soundtrack and the team is currently looking for a composer.

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