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Goku left with Shenron to train in the Other World. Vegeta is leading the Z Fighters.


Vegeta leads the Z Fighters. No trouble for 3 years. Until now

Ultimate Battle SagaEdit

Episode 1: Reunion Edit

The Earth had been under war by the Namekians, the Androids and the Kais. The Saiyans and humans have joined the war. Vegeta was surprised when he saw Goku arrive but told him not to tell anyone. He tells Vegeta that he had brought a new set of Dragon Balls that are able to grant 3 wishes at a time. Taking part in the war, Goku wishes for the Saiyans to be revived. Vegeta has placed himself as King of Saiyans as his rightful place and Goku had become the Chief Saiyan Commander. The war was about to begin in 13 minutes. The first race to be battled is humans. Those warriors who die will be transported into an area where they will be free of any injuries but have to wait until the war ends. Then they can be alive again.

Episode 2: Human DestructionEdit

The battle with humans had begun. Saiyans were easily defeating the humans though there were losses on the side of Saiyans too. Tora had lost an arm due to 50 nuclear bombs exploded and Shugesh along with many Saiyans had died when they were struck

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