M Trunks vs Goten by brocken jr

Let the training begin!!!

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Dragon Ball UW(Meaning Ultimate Warrior) is set 4 years after Omega Shenron's defeat.

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The Appearance Of Drazia SagaEdit

Trunks was training with Goten and the world was at peace.

"Alright Trunks LET'S GO!" shouted Goten as he charged at Trunks. Trunks dodged all Goten's moves and kicked him in the back.

Goten fell to the floor and coughed up blood and said"Damn that was good Trunks"

Trunks then became Super Saiyan 3 and shouted "Burning Cannon!!!". Goten stared at the giant beam heading for him "OH CRA..." then it hit so hard Goten flew over 20 metres. "WOW! That was a great move Trunks" yelled Goten.

Then Vegeta walked in and said "How are you doing with the training?"

Trunks then replied "Great dad!!!"

Vegeta walked out of the time chamber.

The arrivalEdit

Meanwhile, galaxies away from Earth, warriors invade distant planets.

"Come on Drazia "said Makkas, one of Drazia's goons. As the minions walked away Drazia followed slowly.

Goku, Gohan and Goten were having a picnic.

"Dad when was the last time we did this?", said Gohan.

Goku replied "I really can't remember"

Then Goku felt something in the mist.

Drazia's crew.

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