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Dragon ball Universal Battles Takes Place inside the gap between The defeat of kid buu to the final episode of Z. it has the shortest sagas, only 5!


Journey To The Past SagaEdit

The Z Warriors are Flying to Kami's Lookout To Find About The New Earthquakes Happening all Over The Universe! When They Reach, They Find Supreme Kai( Having De-Fused with Magic), Kibito, Elder Kai, King Kai, Dende and Piccolo. They greet each Other but At Last Krillin Appears Carrying Master Roshi and Chi Chi and Bulma on his new Spaceship. Then Suddenly Another Earthquake Happens but Kami's Lookout is Safe Due to Its Flying. Supreme kai Explains That This is Because another Universe Called Pokemon Universe Could Collide With Dragon Ball Universe. Elder Kai Says That All Z- Fighters excludiing Bulma, Chi Chi and master Roshi Should Go to The Past 400 Years and Kill An Army Who Was Underwater. They Said They Sould See All events in Crystal ball. They Go To The past with Majin Buu. While travelling They see All Events of Bardock- the Father of Goku and saiyan-tuffle War and lastly the story behind kid buu told by kibito kai. At Last they Reach an City but with no advanced technology. Vegeta tells Others that They Had Reached the Pokemon Universe in Its History. Just at the Time They Leave they see Three People Named Ash,Brock and Dawn. SPOOCH!

they see that they had reached their destination. They Quicky Find and Destroy The army But At Last they Come Across Their Leader, Coolmer. It Has appeared To Be A Warrior of Frieza's destroyed Race Who Was an Great empire on The Planet Cool. After a Brief Talk With Coolmer They Note That The Empire was Good and had No Signs of Evil. the Only evil Was Him, Coolmer. They Also Note That Cooler is very good and Fun-Loving 10 Year Old, Frieza's Mother Will Have Another Baby (Frieza) in 2 Months, King Cold Is The King, And They Did not became Evil Until Their Empire was Destroyed by Their Star Becoming a red Giant and Their Empire Being Destroyed by Comets and heat. Coolmer says I'll Destroy Earth Because I want to do it for Fun. The Battle Starts. After a Breif Battle, Vegeta Eventually Becomes a Super Saiyan and Before Coolmer Could Say Anything Vegeta Punches A Hole Through His Skull. Eventually They Come back To Present. Ending Voice - The Saiyans Ate A Lot As Always but this time more. At last They had Not eated for 400 years!

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