A new installment in the Dragon Ball Series has come. "Dragon Ball TS" stands for Dragon Ball True Saiyan. Four years take place after the end of Dragon Ball GT. In the beginning of Dragon Ball TS, a new threat appears on Earth. But sorry, I can't tell the plot. You're going to have to read the story to see what will happen.


Dragon Ball TS Logo.




The Eradicate SagaEdit

"Papa, Vegeta, come see Goten's new transformation."
— Pan

Just when Gohan and Vegeta was about to have their last sparring match, Pan intruded and informed them that Goten has mastered a transformation. Pan leads Gohan and Vegeta to Goten. They land and stares at Goten, while he powers up. He seemed to be struggling with his power and he was about to loose it. But Goten thought to himself that he has been working on this transformation for two years and that he can't give up. Static and electricity started to appear around Goten. As Vegeta stands on the grass staring at Goten transforming, Bulma arrives to see the transformation. Goten screams full of rage, pushing himself to his limit. But at long last, Goten perfected his new transformation, Super Saiyan 3. As Goten stands there with a smile on his face, Vegeta powers up into a Super Saiyan 3 as well. Vegeta walks toward Goten with a mean look on his face, while Goten is curious about Vegeta's movement. Goten stands in his fighting pose. Vegeta stops and tells Goten to fuse with Trunks. Goten replies to Vegeta that Trunks was not there. After Goten said that, Trunks arrives with Uub. Vegeta commanded Trunks to fuse with Goten. Trunks turns his head around and sees Goten as a Super Saiyan 3. Trunks takes his jacket off and powers up. Electricity covered Trunks as his vains grow instantly. His hair start growing longer and longer. As Vegeta stands in shock, Goten smiles at Trunks. Trunks finally finished transformation, and stood in his Fusion pose. Goten did as well. Both of them fuse together, causing massive, and positive energy. Gohan stood in shock, imagining what the fusion would look like. The smoke cleared, and came out the new Gotenks.

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