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Dragon Ball SZ is a game for the Xbox 360, PS2, PS3, Xbox, and the Nintendo DS.

Broly 2 display

Plot Edit

Chapter 1 Edit

One day, this marks characters as returners:

  • Goku
  • Gohan
  • Vegeta
  • Piccolo
  • King Piccolo
  • General Tao
  • Nail
  • Android 18
  • Pan
  • Teen Gohan
  • Kid Trunks
  • Goten
  • Raditz
  • Zarbon
  • Frieza
  • Cui
  • Uub
  • Kid Buu and
  • Android 16

And new characters:

  • Joshie
  • Oog
  • Android 14
  • Android 15
  • Launch
  • Bulma
  • Spice and
  • Tommy

Plus Supporters:

  • Chi Chi
  • Ox King and
  • Tien

Chapter 2 Edit

Goku was chasing Vegeta is Buu's Mansion and Uub was inside. Majin Buu was reunioned by Launch, who was sick.

Chapter 3 Edit

All of the Dragon Balls were gone and they were all killed by Buu's Rock inside his Mansion.

Chapter 4 Edit

Raditz was in planet Vegeta when he met Android 18 and she killed him. His younger brother Goku was getting a bad feeling that Goku cant reach to the top of planet Vegeta.

Chapter 5 Edit

After that, planet Vegeta has broken and Raditz was dead. Raditz was later bought to the Dragon balls when Goten was transforming.

Chapter 6 Edit

After the death of Raditz, Pan was killed in planet Namek by Zarbon.

Chapter 7 Edit

After Pan and Raditz were both dead, Zarbon complains about Frieza to stop cui and Broly.

Chapter 8 Edit

Gohan was in Buu's Mansion when the rumble was heard on top of the roof and it tumbled down the Mansion.

Chapter 9 Edit

Pan is later revived by Goku, and they went together to save the Dragon balls.

Chapter 10 Edit

The ones that were killed are Goten, Nail, Bulma, Launch, Android 14, and Frieza. After they were killed they were bought to the Dragon Balls. Pan went to team up with her grandpa Goku.

Chapter 11 Edit

While Raditz was dead, he was hired up in the heaven of Dragon Balls and he turned good inside his Dragon Ball, but he never got out of it.

Chapter 12 Edit

Launch's body was put in to Omega's nest and he ate the Dragon ball and Launch was destroyed inside.

Chapter 13 Edit

While Raditz was dead, he is later revived by Pan, and he turned good.

Chapter 14 Edit

Nail and Bulma are later revived, and they both teamed up with Raditz, Goku and Pan.

Chapter 15 Edit

They 5 later were in the ruined city and it was dry.

Chapter 16 Edit

Android 14 is later revived, and he agreed to team up with the five.

Chapter 17 Edit

They revived Frieza and Frieza went to his underlings instead of teaming up with the six.

Chapter 18 Edit

Still Gohan was inside searching for the gold and he saw a Dragon ball with 67 stars.

Chapter 19 Edit

Omega Shenron was hungry and he ate a eagle.

Chapter 20 Edit

Raditz was looking for a Dragon Ball, but he cant find one.

Chapter 21 Edit

Chi Chi and Tien were looking for Goku and they searched for him everywhere. Goku is nowhere to be found.

Chapter 22 Edit

The six still cannot find Launch or Goten inside the Dragon balls.

Chapter 23 Edit

Goten is found and is later revived, he teamed up with the six.

Chapter 24 Edit

Launch was still nowhere to be found, however, they tried sneaking for Launch dead inside the Dragon Ball.

Chapter 25 Edit

Omega Shenron then turns into False Shenron after eating the eagle and he killed Zarbon and Zarbon is later revived by Frieza.

Chapter 26 Edit

False Shenron then meets Nuova Shenron who has Launch inside his hand in the Dragon Ball.

Chapter 27 Edit

Frieza decides to kill Chi Chi. And so he heads off.

Chapter 28 Edit

The seven were searching for the dead Launch, and they looked for Nuova Shenron and False Shenron.

Chapter 29 Edit

Goku and Pan searched when their buddies went to find Launch, False Shenron and Nuova Shenron.

Chapter 30 Edit

Chi Chi gets killed by Frieza and she is bought back to the Dragon Balls, and is later revived by Tien.

Chapter 31 Edit

Frieza saw Tien revive Chi Chi, and she was alive.

Chapter 32 Edit

Goten was tired and even Goku. Pan and Goku were searching for Launch, and so they looked for False Shenron's nest.

Chapter 33 Edit

Chi Chi is killed by False Shenron and is revived by Tien again.

Chapter 34 Edit

False Shenron was eating the good Shenron, and then he turns into Giant Shenron/Legend Shenron.

Chapter 35 Edit

Pan is killed by Captain Ginyu and Reccoome, so she is bought to the Dragon Ballsgokuiskilledbyfalseshenrongotengotmadandwentsupersayin4

Chapter 36 Edit

Pan is revived by Goku, and the seven went to search for Launch.

Chapter 37 Edit

Goku uses the Kamehameha to hit Frieza and Frieza still survived, so the seven ignored him.

Chapter 38 Edit

Gohan took a long time to stay on Buu's Mansion, he went home to see his mother.

Chapter 39 Edit

Frieza was hit by Dodoria's face, and falls into the water.

Chapter 40 Edit

The seven can't find Giant Shenron in time, so they looked for Launch.

Chapter 41 Edit

Goku was tired for searching, and so he still walks

Chapter 42 Edit

Bulma increases Goku's body, and Goku is not tired anymore.

Chapter 42 - 2

Still awesome, Goku went to take a bath in the bathroom because Frieza ate a red apple. Then Gohan murders a tree because it was in his way with a sausage. Yamcha died because he was no cool. Krillin came out of nowhere and falls into lava. Videl fuses with Giant Shenron and became Kuzu Broly.

Chapter 42 - 3

Yamcha revives and call a Paragus Pizza. Kuzu Broly went to deliver him his pizza but Goku take it and eat it. But Kuzu Broly retakes it and went to the Capsule Corp to see Vegeta and Yamcha died for no reason. Trunks says it was a lie because the pizza didn't exist. Kuzu Broly was really angry because he was tired.

Chapter 42 - 404



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