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Dragon Ball SPEdit

This story Dragon Ball SP, stands for Saiyan Power,takes place 2 years after the defeat of Omega Shenron. After a lot of training,Goku and the Z Fighters faces a new threat.

Omega Shenron Reborn SagaEdit

Goku and the others are on training when they sensed a huge power level in the city. They went to investigate and found nothing. Then there was smoke coming out of the ground and they saw Omega Shenron. They couldn't believe that he was still alive. Omega Shenron said that he escaped from hell and is stronger than ever. He charged a Ki Blast and destroyed the whole city with one blast. They were astonished by his power and they felt afraid. Goku and Vegeta realized that not even SSJ4 Gogeta's power is not enough to destroy Omega Shenron. So they have no choice but to use Potara Fusion. They gathered the dragonballs and summoned Shenron. Goku wished to have control of the fusion and and to defuse after Omega Shenron is completely destroyed. Then they transformed into SSJ5 and fused into Vegito. Now Vegito has surpassed the power of Omega Shenron. But Omega Shenron launches a powerful attack that may even defeat Vegito.


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