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Dragon Ball SF

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Shōnen, Action, Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial Arts, Science Fiction, Bangsian Fantasy
Based on "Dragon Ball" created by
Akira Toriyama
"Dragon Ball SF" created by
January 30, 2018 - Ongoing
No. of Volumes
1 - Ongoing

Dragon Ball SF (ドラゴンボールSF, Doragon Bōru SF; SF meaning Strongest Fist, commonly abbreviated as DBSF) is a fan-manga created by Nikon23 that acts as a sequel to the Dragon Ball GT anime and includes Dragon Ball Super within the same timeline.

The fan-manga chapters are currently being serialized and released into on Deviantart and TheOtaku presented by Nikon23, himself.


The series' plot is set after the defeat of the Shadow Dragons and serves as a continuation to the adventures of Goku and the Z Fighters against far more powerful foes in the after future.


Nikon writes the plot outline and develops the story into pages.




Character Name
Son Goku Chi-chi
Son Gohan Videl
Pan Aple Hyo Goku Jr.
Maaku Sora
Son Goten Valese Son Gochan Sakura Son Gochi
Vegeta Bulma
Trunks Marron Shorin Juri Kira Bulma Leigh Vegeta Jr
Bulla Kin Jin
Krillin Android 18 Kaiyo
Android 17 Pearl
Piccolo Kagyu
Tien Shinhan Launch Jade Shinhan
Yamcha Aya Yincha Puar
Majuub Buu
Tarble Gure Sunto
Master Roshi
Mr. Satan
Android 16
Ox King Oolong Turtle Giru
Korin Yajirobe Hoshi Puck
Sharpner Eraza Encil
Faye Ino Colm
Gogeta Vegito Gotenks Bochan Tiencha
Bardock Gine Raditz
Mr. Popo Dende Elder Morri
King Kai East Supreme Kai Kibito Kibitoshin Old Supreme Kai Sugoro Shusugoro Whis God of Destruction Beerus Agon Azure
Alonsa Alonsa Jr.
Nori Turles Kale (Nikon23's Universe) Pearu Mass
King Vegeta Queen Able
Paragus Peppa Broly
Zuru Zang Gichamu Thon Kuriza
Tara Tort Conda Mata General Proton Queen Artic King Kobra Kobra
Sakin Araku
Android 27/General Copper Android 26 Android 25/Tool Android 24/Colonel Violet Android 23/Colonel Silver Android 22
Chocolay Udon Soba Arka
Black Smoke Shenron
Super Dragon Balls Super Shenron
Gold Star Dragon Balls Tailong
Namekian Dragon Balls Porunga
Black Star Dragon Balls Ultimate Shenron
Dragon Balls Shenron


Dragon Ball Timeline
Alternate Timeline


  • the Jaco: The Galactic Patrolman manga is apart of Nikon23' Extended Universe. However the Dragon Ball Minus chapter is ignored in favor for Bardock: the Father of Goku and Dragon Ball: Episode of Bardock.
  • The anime adaptions, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z are apart of Nikon23's Extended Universe. however, The Garlic Jr. Saga is ignored.
  • The 5th Dragon Ball Z movie, Cooler's Revenge is apart of Nikon23's Extended Universe. *However, the 6th DBZ film, The Return of Cooler is ignored.
  • The 8th Dragon Ball Z Movie, Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan is apart of Nikon23's Extended Universe. however the 10th and 11th DBZ film, Broly - Second Coming and Bio Broly are ignored.
  • The 9th Dragon Ball Z Movie, Bojack Unbound is apart of Nikon23's Extended Universe.
  • The anime adaption of Dragon Ball Super is apart of Nikon23's Extended Universe along with elements from the Dragon Ball Super Manga.
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