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DRAGON BALL SC "Gamma Saga" Edit

After returning to Earth after years of infinite training Goku comes back to earth, Vegeta cared for his family and Goku's at the same time, Pan having a litte brother, named Bardock after Goku's father, but Goku sense's something with a power level so high it was higher then Shenron's, he went off in search of this nearly infinite power and found himself in a desert with a Super Saiyan 4 against another Super Saiyan 4

"Me and Vegeta were the only one's capable of that transformation"

Goku thought he powered up to Super Saiyan 4 and started to spar with the two but one of them started to go even farther to Super Saiyan 5, Goku called Vegeta

"Vegeta, Follow my power level i've found something!!!"

Vegeta went down immediatly in Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta turned to look at one of the other's

"Mi..MIST!!!!!!" He cried out and went over to hug the Other Super Saiyan 4 called Mist

"I thought you died with Kiran, Jake and Gamma!"Vegeta said Happy for once in his life

"No Vegeta we just came down here to see how Kakarot, or as i've heard him in legends Goku, was doing destroying Earth if he's Goku then he failed at it"Mist said 

"I PREFER GOKU" Goku screamed

"Wait, Goku but, I thought you were dead. WHERE'S RADITZ!!" The Super Saiyan 5 said

"You mean my brother, he would be dead" Goku Whipered

"Ra..Raditz, huh well it's only you and me, my name is Gamma, i know you forgot alright" Gamma Said still trying to reach Super Saiyan 6

"Hey wait so you're my.." Goku Replied

"Brother... Yeah im Gamma, Son of Bardock, Brother of Goku and Father of 2 Super Saiyan 4's."

Goku looked at Gamma in awe Gamma wrestled down Super Saiyan 5 2 seconds ago and has now become a super saiyan 6 Gamma looked at Goku and laughed

"Oh you wondering how I did that first you just gotta be come a super saiyan 4 like you are now focus all of you're power upward's it might start to hurt."

Goku Did as he was told he felt his ki wrapping around him he opened his eye's he found he was in a strange bubble of Ki he punched but it did nothing Gamma looked ashamed

"Vegeta I think you should tell his family he stuck and bring a needle" Gamma said winking to Vegeta,

Vegeta laughed and took off behind a rock

"A NEEDLE NO WAY I'M LETTING THESE GUY'S STICK ME" Goku Screamed and bashed through the bubble

"All right Vegeta you can come back now" Gamma said

Goku Replied sticky from the bubble "" 

"I know that's why i did it" Gamma said with a smile on his face

"Hey my fur it's Blue"Goku said stil oozing with the bubble's liquid

"And mine is white your fur tell's your power level"Gamma Said Pulling out a chart

"Brown=No Power, Red=Horrible, Green=Adequate, Pink=Average, Purple=Okay, Blue=Powerful, White=Massive strength all Super Saiyan 4's have a measly power level compared to some Super Saiyan 5's depending on how long it take's for you to get out of the bubble decide's how powerful you are, Super Saiyan 4's do not go into a bubble so you get a horrible power level"

"Oh wow, i wonder what Vegeta would get"Goku said

"I got blue" Vegeta said covered in the same goop as Goku

Goku looked at Vegeta with a crazy look on his face

"Fusion"Goku Said

"Fusion"Vegeta Replied

Gamma Laughed at them well seeing them fuse but then when it was complete he stared at them, he looked at Mist and Mist nodded

"Fusion....HA!!!"They yelled at the same time

"I am.......Gammist"Gammist, The fusion of Gamma and mist, Said

"Gogeta"Gogeta said

They started to battle

"GALAXY DESTROYER X1000!!!!!!"Gammist said Launching a Huge Purple Beam at Gogeta

"BIG BANG KAME-HAME-HA X1000!!!!!"Gogeta Yelled Back launching a Blue Beam at Gammist

then another warrior came

"BIG TREE CANNON X!!!!!" The Warrior yelled

Then another came

"HELL'S CANNON" The Second Yelled

They Found Them self in a 4-way attack

Then the Attack's exploded with a radius of a missile

The Two Warrior's Greeted Gammist and Gogeta

"Hi I'm Gotenks, The fusion of Goten, Son of Goku and Trunks, Son of Vegeta, so i guess that make's Gogeta our Father"Gotenks Said

"Im Ciran, The Fusion of Chiran, Son of Gamma and Miras son of Mist, Who are you guy's i now the one is Gogeta"Ciran Said

"Im Gammist, The Fusion of Gamma and Mist, Guess that make's me your father and Gotenks'es Uncle"Gammist

"Huh, I thought Uncle Raditz and Uncle Tarble were my only uncle's"Gotenks Said


"Shut Up!"Gotenks Said



"JAKE" A young looking Saiyan Women yelled at the man called Jake

"Hmmm..."The one called Jake Absorbed in more power from his latest victem

"Kiran, KINDLY SHUT UP"Jake went on killing and absorbing power his body looking more stranger each time

"Jake......."Kiran Said

Then Jake puked his body suddenly looking normal, a strange being formed out of his puke punched Jake knocking him out

"JAKE"Kiran Yelled becoming a Super Saiyan

Meanwhile in a far away desert

"Gamma are you feelin' what im feelin"Mist Said

"Yea..There was Kiran and Jake then Jake's power went off the hook and then went down and another being popped up and then Kiran's power rising"Gamma looked at Mist then looked down

"I've Gotta save her come on Mist"Gamma and Mist started to float upward's and then rushed off

Goku motioned to Vegeta to follow them

"Ki..Ki....KIRAN" Gamma Screamed at the sight of the dead Saiyan Woman

went off to see another corpse but this one however was a male Saiyan.

"Jake......Kiran.......I will ADVENGE YOU!!!!!!!!!"Gamma Yelled

then Jake slowly raised a hand toward's Gamma

"I'm sorry, this is all my fault I...I wanted to becom a Super Saiyan 5 too and started killing people then absorbing their power but i created"Jake Cried Out in pain then slowly started rising

Gamma looked up their was a Dragon of-sort's holding Jake

"It's a shame hmm......We were stronger together yet he forced me out, shame, shame well let's force me in hmm...."The Dragon said looked over Jake's body and rammed a hand through his back,

Gamma nearly Puked, the Dragon took out his still beating heart and absorbed it

"AAHHHHHAAAAAHHAAAAHHHAAAHHHAA"The Dragon laughed as he transformed into a bigger deadlier Dragon

"Wha....What are you"Gamma said in diagust

"You do not regonize me,hmm... I am the new Jake HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!"The Dragon now called Jake Laughed and chucked Jake's body then as his body hit the ground the Dragon yelped in pain

"Mist.....Shall we dance"Gamma said to Mist

Mist went up to Gamma and did the Fusion Dance


"What....WHAT ON EARTH!!!!"

The newly formed Gammist Attacked Jake but to no avail

"What....hmmm....GALAXY DESTROYER X1000!!!!!!!"Gammist Cried as he launched the ever deadly Purple ray

Again to no avail


"GALAXY DESTROYER X1000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"Gammist yelled out at the corpse of Jake leaving nothing

Gammist looked to wherue the Dragon once stood and saw him much more weakened then before

"I'm glad that did'nt hit me"Goku said

"All right time to finish this"Gammist yelled out attacking the Dragon called Jake

Punch's and kick's flying from everywhere Gammist was finally about to destroy Jake when

"This is it Jake, Galaxy....."

"Destroyer X1000, wait aw crap"Gamma and Mist said at the same time

"Whatever we can destroy you either way"Gamma said giveing a nod to Mist

"GALAXY....." "STAR....." "BOMB" "DESTROYER" Mist and Gamma Both Said Respectivly

"NOOOOOOO"Jake was defeated but now they needed the Dragonball's to Revive Kiran


"Heh....heh.....he" A mysterious figure call's out ..."It Over 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

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