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Why is Uub alive in this?Edit

A: It would contradict canon way too much.

B: Uub's not technically a reincarnation, but all of Buu's power is in him too.

Why didn't Gohan get a tail when his hidden potential was unlocked?Edit

It's because he isn't a pure-blooded Saiyan.

How can Goku and Vegeta transform while in Ultimate State?Edit

Read the above answer.

How can Goku Transform into a Legendary Super Saiyan?Edit

Here's how Saiyans achieved this state:

  1. First, you have to be a pure-blooded Saiyan
  2. You have to have enough power to tranform.
  3. You have to experience enough anger and sadness at the same time.
  4. Finally, the state of shock and anger, combined with the Saiyan blood, should transform you into this state.

Broly transformed by thinking his father (Paragus) betrayed him.

How can Gogeta transform into a Super Saiyan 5?Edit

Only Saiyan Fusions that have their full potential unlocked and they have tails, along with achieving the Super Saiyan 4 and feeling the immense power of their opponent.

Why is the first couple of sagas so short?Edit

It was the reason of my new writing style. I will edit it eventually.

Do Specials have promo posters?Edit


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