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Prologue (Theme of: My Darling ~ Eminem)Edit

"It's a hole in the wall! It's a dirty free-for all! "
— Fasha, doing karaoke.

The story starts on Planet Bardock. The Saiyan's were having a party to officially inaugurate Bardock as the King. "Toma! Shugesh! Come on in! After all, Bardock has a little surprise for you both when he's king." Fasha said. "Really? Can't wait!" Shugesh said. "Quiet! The former king is speaking!" "...A toast! To the new king, KING BARDOCK!" "To King Bardock!" They all flashed their champagne glasses in the air, clanged them and drank the champagne. "...When is the King gonna give you that surprise?" Toma's sister, Moeta said. "I don't know, but-" "Toma, can I talk to you? But first, find Shugesh." Bardock said. "Anything would be an honor, oh King Bardock. *bows*" "Oh, and don't bow Toma. It makes me look like a dick, friends bowing to me..." "Got it. Hey, Shugesh!" "Yes, To- KING BARDOCK! *bows*" "Seriously, is everyone gonna bow to me? People are going to act like bastards to me if you guys keep bowing down to me." Bardock said. "So, you wanted us?" "Yes Toma, I want to test both of your abilities." "How?" "This simple test. Cut the lights off!" "The test sire?" Vegeta Senior said. "Yes, and for the last time, don't treat me like royalty! I'm still a regular person!" "Fine..."

The lights turned off. When they turned back on, Toma and Shugesh were tied to a chair... with Bardock chained up with poisonous spikes under him. "This... *coughs up blood* isn't the test... *coughs up blood* I'm... *coughs up blood* really in... *coughs up blood* trouble... *coughs up blood*..." There was a TV near the chair and near Bardock. "Hello gentlemen... I'd like to play a game with you..."

To Be Continued...

The Story (Theme of: Ghetto Gospel ~ 2Pac featuring Elton John):Edit

"Who the hell are you? "
— Vegeta, talking to the Shadow Figure (see promo poster.)

Gohan was at the amusement park with Pan, on the ferris wheel. "Daddy! Will this go faster!?" "Let's see... I'll be right back." He jumped of the seat. "You want to get paid to do nothing? Here's 10,000 Zeni." Gohan was talking to the ferris wheel turner. "Here." "Alright..." Gohan turned it as fast as he could. It was at "Hyper Sonic" speed. It produced a multi-dimensional portal due to it's speed! "GAH!" Sonic and Gohan said. "Who are you?" "Sonic the Hedgehog. How did I get here?" "I have no idea... Hey! There's something else coming out!" "It looks like... SHADOW!?"

To Be Continued...

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