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This article, Dragon Ball New Age, takes place in an alternate universe or timeline,
and is not considered a part of the main Dragon Ball timeline.
Dragon Ball New Age

DBNA logo

Author, Artist
MALIK / Malik Studios
Created by
MALIK / Malik Studios
Based on the series
"Dragon Ball" by Akira Toriyama
Art Style
Shonen Manga
Reading Style
Traditional Manga (right-to-left)
  • English (original print)
  • Japanese
  • Portuguese
  • Chinese
  • Vietnamese
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian
  • Publication History
  • 2001-2002 (Initial draft)
  • 2005 - Current (current draft, frequently revamped)
  • Story Format
    12-15 page Chapters
    Current # of Chapters

    DRAGON BALL NEW AGE (ドラゴンボールニューエイジ Doragon Bōru Nyu-Eiji), often abbreviated as DBNA, is an online doujinshi (fan-manga) currently hosted on Deviant Art , as well as ComicFury, as a continuation of the wildly popular Dragon Ball franchise, under a disclaimer. The strip was created by "MALIK" (formerly known as Malik666), who is also the artist and writer. The strip has received wide praise by it's fans for its strong Toriyama-influenced line-art, and is noted for being one of the longest running fan-mangas of Dragon Ball printed entirely in English. MALIK's version of DBNA has also been translated into over 9 different languages, including French, Brazilian, Chinese, Vietnamese, and Spanish by fans. According to statistics found on his page, as of July 2013, his cumulative DBNA work has over 2,000,000 views on DeviantArt alone.

    The strip began being posted on DeviantArt in 2005, before being put on hiatus in late 2007/ early 2008. As of April 2009, the strip has begun posting pages and promotional images again. The story is currently in Chapter 33, following the end of the Rigor Saga, and is currently in the midst of the Aladjinn Saga.

    The comic has also been hosted on SmackJeeves, but MALIK has stopped updating on the site since Chapter 3 of DBNA. SmackJeeves contains the original, unrefined versions of the first two chapters of DBNA.

    About the Comic

    DBNA is the brainchild of artist, writer, and creator MALIK. The strip began as a comic done for his own amusement while in high school, where he created his first OCs Rigor and Aladjinn (formerly Demon Buu). In 2005, MALIK began posting newer, updated versions of his original comic on deviantART, where the strip garnered a small fan base. Ever since, the strip has slowly grown in both size and popularity. DBNA has gone through frequent renovations in both it's art and dialogue over time, and continues to be a popular doujin with its fans. The strip's art receives the most praise, as it is styled and drawn very similar to Akira Toriyama's original art.

    The doujinshi is styled in Japanese manga format (read right to left instead of left to right), and is printed, in its initial publishing, entirely in English. The doujinshi is read in over 130 countries, and fans of DBNA, on their own time, have also translated the comic into over 10 different languages.

    The story is also closer to canon than most post-GT stories, which included non-canon elements from GT and Z. DBNA has removed almost all non-canon elements like movie villains and filler to bring the doujinshi closer to the original manga from which it is based.


    The story of Dragon Ball New Age takes place in an alternate timeline approximately 3 years after Omega Shenron’s defeat (Age 793). The story follows Manga canon almost exclusively (though some creative liberties are taken), causing a lot of what happened with Dragon Ball GT to be re-written.

    The story of this altered Dragon Ball GT, and the events surrounding the resurrection of Goku and Piccolo through the Black Dragon Balls can be found in the Special Chapter: CHAPTER ZERO.


    Rigor Saga

    main article: Rigor Saga

    The series' first major villain, Rigor reveals that he is, in-fact, Vegeta's half-brother. Over the course of the story, he is revealed to be the DBNA timeline's Legendary Saiyan. Rigor engages in a titanic battle with the Super Warriors of Earth, which culminates in a showdown with a fused Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta.

    Aladjinn Saga

    main article: Aladjinn Saga

    The series' second major villain, Aladjinn is the former Demon King who ruled the Demon Plane before Dabura. He arrives on Earth attempting to restore his body, which was lost after centuries of imprisonment. He has access to extensive magical abilities, and the ability to possess people. It is soon revealed that Aladjinn is one of the four most powerful beings in creation: The Aspect Lords.

    Masuran /World Tournament Saga

    The series' third story arc involving Masuran, the eldest son of Rigor, as well as his four siblings. This story arc has yet to be drawn.

    Bounty Hunter Saga

    The series' fourth saga involve Kechappu, a powerful alien bounty hunter, and his fellow hunters Mustar, Relis, and Tarta. This story arc has yet to be drawn. (NOTE: Several rewrites of the Saga have occured. The current character names, as well as the story, may have been altered.)

    Super Androids Saga

    The series' fifth Saga, the Super Androids Saga involves the arrival of the "Super Series" 14 and 15, and their creator, Android 22. This story arc has yet to be drawn. (NOTE: Several rewrites of the Saga have occured. The current character names, as well as the story, may have been altered.)

    Frost Saga

    The final saga of Dragon Ball New Age involves the arrival of the Icejin Frost and his army. This story arc has yet to be drawn. (NOTE: Several rewrites of the Saga have occured. The current character names, as well as the story, may have been altered.)

    New Transformations

    • Super Saiyan 5 - The Ultimate Super Saiyan form, revealed in DBNA's first story arc. The form is wielded by Vegeta's half-brother, Rigor.
    • Ascended Super Saiyan 4 - Achieved by both Goku and Vegeta, the first Ascended form of Super Saiyan 4
      2ndgrade ssj4 vegeta

      Vegeta as a 2nd Grade Ascended Super Super 4; taken from the DBNA Daizenshuu

      gives the user increased muscle mass with a boost in both power and speed. This form was achieved after both Goku and Vegeta attempted to break the Super Saiyan 4 wall like Rigor had.
    • Ascended Super Saiyan 4 2nd Grade/ True Super Saiyan 4 - A secondary form of the Super Saiyan 4 transformation, that has yet to be seen in the story, though spoiler images of both Goku and Vegeta have been seen. The abilities of this form are unknown as of now.
    • Super Android 18 - This form is assumed by Android 18 later in the story. Though her abilities at this time in this form are unknown, spoiler images of her have been found on MALIK's deviantart.
    • Sage Namek - A form assumed by Piccolo during the Aladjinn Saga after learning the ways of the ancient Namekian Sages.


    In mid 2006, DBNA artist MALIK received recognition for the DBNA story, receiving a "Best Fan Comic 2006" award. The strip has also generated a small fan base on, where MALIK was recognized as the Budokai Club's ( a club where fan characters do battle in comic strips) first Showcase artist, citing MALIK's defined line-art and Toriyama inspired art style. At times, fans have commented on MALIK's art, claiming that it resembles an official Toriyama strip.

    Currently, the comic has over 2 million cumulative views on MALIK's deviantart page. As of 2013, fans of MALIK's DBNA have translated the strip into 10 different languages. Youtube is home to several fan "motion comics" of DBNA, each with views numbering in the thousands. Malik's DBNA has also been ranked in the top five DB Fancomics, alongside Toyble's Dragon Ball AF, Young Jijii's After The Future, and Dragon Ball Multiverse.

    DBNA vs DBAF

    Noted differences between DBAF/ After The Future and DBNA

    • MALIK's Super Saiyan 5 is very different from the silver-haired version of Toyble and Jijii.
    • Gohan becomes a SSJ4 in DBAF and A.F., a level he thus far never achieved in DBNA.
    • DBAF's main antagonist, Xicor, does not exist in DBNA. Likewise, none of DBNA's original characters exist in DBAF.
    • DBAF was originally released in Japanese, later translated to English. DBNA is printed entirely in English.
    • DBAF and A.F. both use non-canon elements in their stories, while DBNA uses almost none.

    Differences between the DBNA timeline and the DBZ/GT timeline

    • Kuririn and Hercule are dead in DBNA, having died of natural causes.
    • Tarble is the younger brother of Vegeta that appears in Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return!! does not exist as Rigor was written and created long before the Jump Special.
    • DBNA largely ignores the animated canon, and instead sticks to the manga canon (with some creative liberties taken), with the exception of Dragon Ball GT (although it itself undergoes minor changes within the timeline), and Cooler. Because of this, several of the characters that appeared in only anime, such as Broly, Hirudegarn, Tarble, Gure, Abo, and Cado, do not exist in DBNA.
    • Goku did not depart with Shenron at the end of DBGT in this timeline. Instead, he simply died following the last wish.
    • The Black Star Dragon Balls are inert and useless before the beginning of the DBNA, thanks to a wish made on the Black Dragon Balls.
    • Super 17 is the result of the original Android 17 merged with a completely artifical Android 17 clone, created by the Supercomputer that would eventually go on to create Android 22. The artifical 17 clone is completely loyal to Gero's mission, and hacked into the mind of the original 17. The two 17's actually capture Goku before becoming Super 17 and defeating the Super Warriors.
    • To keep in step with Toriyama's original canon, villains lose their bodies once going to Hell, making any escape from Hell or the villains taking over Hell impossible.

    2010 Revamp Program

    On March 22, 2010, DBNA artist MALIK announced that he would be "revamping" certain pages of DBNA, updating the art and dialog. This move comes as a sigh of relief to DBNA fans who had issues with the earlier pages of Dragon Ball New Age, as the art and dialogue was considered near-amateur. So far, Malik has revamped and updated nearly all of DBNA, but frequently revisits old chapters to update art and fill plot holes.

    DBNA Minisode Series

    main article: DBNA Minisode Series

    Late in 2012, MALIK began work on an animation project for DBNA when he fell into some downtime during the edits of earlier DBNA Chapters. The animation wass scheduled to be an "Opening Video" of sorts, resembling a video oft-found at the beginning of Dragon Ball Video Games. Currently, a 28 second preview video can be found on Youtube.

    However, due to MasakoX's interest in playing the role of Son Goku, MALIK instead began work on a short Minisode series. The Pilot episode was released on 10-6-2013.

    Fan Works

    With DBNA's growing popularity, fan works had begun to spring up. While most commonly, these fan-works involve single pieces of art, some fans have taken it upon themselves to create entire "Fan Chapters" of DBNA. While not officially canon to DBNA, the Fan Chapters can be considered by some to be part of the overall DBNA story.

    TempestVortex, a fan of DBNA, created a Fan Chapter of his original character Sunto Hatchilock, involving an altered origin of his character specifically for DBNA. The character's altered history was written by TempestVortex with minor oversight by MALIK. See Elements of a Warrior (DBNA) for more details.

    Zeon1 created altered versions of DBNA characters Rigor, Separi, Selari, and Masuran for his story Dragon Ball: Breaking Bad.

    Nassiff9000's Budokai 3 game mod project - Dragon Ball: Realm of Chaos - features several DBNA characters, including Rigor, Frost, Aladjinn, and others.

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